Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Daily - Day 2 (published on Dec. 30, 2010)

Day 2 - Click to Enlarge

 My photos for Day 2 really show 'the snow' from our storm and  the events of Day1! Photos are of the kids catching the bus at the end of our drive; breakfast goodies; the llama and sheep, and my chores outfit!

Supplies: Page 1 & Page 2 are templates from Ali Edwards. Again, I used some of the Prima flocked alphas - they say 'daily' down there by the #2. Patterned paper is My Mind's Eye. I also used some October Afternoon stickers.  The journaling for my Daily routine on the page says: "4am:  Start the fire in the woodstove; clean and prep kitchen.  Breakfast? Today?  Delayed!  Snow Storm.  Egg Nog in Coffee.  Shoved snow.  Haul water to chickens.


And, here is the diary/journal that I saved in my blog as a draft: 

 Drove over the mountain to La Grande  to work.. snowing here, raining there!
We have about a foot of snow now.
Snowpacks.. my shoes for winter.

Took lots of photos this am:)

It's pitch black at  I want to record sunset and sunrise.....
More wood in the garage!  Yeah!  We were very low...

Jake:  He was real upset when he came home.  After some coaxing, and in private, he shared a story about a bully.  What is a mom to do?  A kid corners him in the locker room. Just the two of them.  The bully says sexually nasty things.  Things that a boy should not talk about if he is raised in a good home.  No witnesses... (Note:  After talking w/ Jake, I spoke the coach about this.  The coach said he would keep an eye out, try and walk through the locker room, and he talked to the entire team about being a team, and respecting each other, and looking out for each other.) The bully was recently transferred to our school, and is in Sami's grade - older than Jake.  The bullying occurs when the bus boys are done w/ basketball practice. The bully is also on the team, but never makes it to any games.   Jake and this other kid are the only ones who leave early from practice to catch the bus and that is when it happens.  I spoke to Jake, and he did not want to create a scene - he didn't want a 'meeting' with parents and kids, he did not want to stay late and have me pick him up to avoid the locker scenes, and he did not want to quit the team.  What a big boy.  I asked him if I could talk with the coach, since the coach is in charge of the safety of all the team at that time and it is creepy for a bully to be sneaky like this without witnesses.  It's not an attention thing, in my opinion, it could be signs of bad things happening to the boy at home.  And I told that to Jake.  He let me talk to the coach.  Each day I checked in with Jake after school to see how it was going.  The peak was during this time - early December, and then it died down.  I think between the coach, and my giving Jake the power to have choices and knowing an adult was backing him up, helped.  Scary stuff. 


Karen said...

To start with the bad, bully's suck, period. Sorry Jakke had to experience that. :<

And the great...
I'm thinking I need to follow your lead and try the Dailies next year with digi & hybrid resources. Looking forward to seeing more!

Now, I need to go put a sweatshirt on.......either I'm still cold from last night's late chilly walk or from looking at all that snow on your layout!! :>:>

Suzanne C said...

Lovely page. Sorry about the bully experience. Very difficult as a parent to protect our children all the time.

Elise said...

*GASP!* YOUR photos! FANTASTIC! This L/O - I'm FLOORED! I'm SO proud of you, SCRAPBOOK queen! Yee Haw!