Saturday, July 21, 2012

Annalia's Quinceanera - Sami's BFF! (LOTS of photos)

Candid shot of Annalia and her aunt, uncle and cousins.  I love the star hair cut!  All these guys are huge soccer players.  Her uncle was our favorite soccer coach.  He now coaches the high school boys in Baker, Oregon

The formal shot

Sami and Annalia.  Bffs!  These two beauties play soccer, basketball and track together.  This year they will be on the Baker High School Soccer team - even though they go to North Powder school.

The girls!

This one cracks me up of Sami.  I have seen that face on a relative before!

Exiting the church.  See that storm? That is the devil that caused a tornado warning later in the day! Check out Sami's hair.  She 'made me' watch a video the night before, practice, and then do her hair that morning. 

The girls!  (And the storm.  When we were in the church a HUGE hail storm hit!)

Auntie Em!  Let's get out of here!  (We drove to Idaho, actually).  Click on this photo to see her dress!  We did some repairs on her jacket while driving.  A McGiver trick with my scrapbook supplies!

Tee hee!  We got to take the princess to Idaho!!!!  Her hoop skirts had to be tucked in. 

In the hall

Directing Traffic!

More hall views

The Waltz. Oh my.  The most beautiful dance and music.  She started with the smallest ones first, twirling them as they passed her and then the line was formed.  From smallest couple to she and her chambelan.

Beauty.  Reminds me of Cinderella or Snow!

Father Daughter dance.  Beautiful

The wait for music

Tears were shed by both!
Last weekend Sami and I were honored guests at her closest friend's Quinceanera.  I say honored, because Sami was one of the 'padrinos' - a sponsor who was part of the team that gifted portions of the event so the parents don't have to pay for everything.  The event celebrates the 15th birthday of a girl - passing from childhood to a young woman.

Sami sponsored one of her bracelets.  We bought a silver chain with a '15' charm.  You should have seen all her jewels.  Lots of Black Hills gold.  Gorgeous.

Annalia is one of Sami's best and sweetest friends.  A soft spoken cutie who is an amazing athlete!  She is very respectful to her parents, she happily takes care of her little sister, and is a joy to have on any adventures that Sami invites her to. Her family is one of two that can take Sami with them on road trips across the state line. 

The weekend was dedicated to this event. 
 Friday night Sami had me practice braiding her hair. 
Saturday morning we left at 9:30 am for the church in North Powder, only 7 miles away, then drove to Wilder Idaho, about 2 hours away.
After the dinner, dances, and loud Mexican Cowboy Music (most of the men are ranch hands), we left the event at 10pm, drove on a two lane highway, with a lightening and thunder storm off in the distance and headed for a hotel in Caldwell, Idaho.
We were getting tucked into bed about 11pm when Sami announced she just read on Facebook there was a Tornado Warning declared for Baker, back home!
So.. there we were.. with the wind howling through the air conditioning unit - and me, wondering what the heck was going on back home and if we were safe!
We fell asleep.
Next morning?  All the cars in the parking lot were covered with a mix of wet sand.  Weird!
That day?  We swam in the hotel pool, then shopped to our little hearts content in Boise.
All was safe!
Well, then another Tornado warning was issued later in the week for La Grande, Oregon where I work, on Wednesday night!
Crazy summer storms!


Elise said...

YOU are simply my SHEro. You are SUCH a devoted and amazing mother and you inspire me ALL THE TIME! I love that you have shared this wonderful event - I've always been curious about the ins and outs of a Quinceanera, and now I feel in the KNOW! Thanks, sweetie! Hope Sami had a FABULOUS time! xoxo

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Awwww.. Thanks Elise! Sami did have a good time! She did not want to leave the party, but stood around and did not dance one stinking dance! I danced one, with one of her other girlfriends. We sat outside watching the river at times. It was lovely. When we got to the hotel, she crawled into bed and said 'thank you, mommy, for everything'. Make my heart go pitter patter.