Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Front Yard Campers - July 7, 2012

Casa de Coleman

View from the side front door (the one we use)

Pack it up girls! See the mountains in the background?  Heaven.

View from the 'front' of the house - which faces the paved road and due to city rules, is a useless entry since there is no access via car!

View from the 'other' front side of the house - which faces the west (aka mountains)

Ta Da!  Two houses!  One for campers, one for those who like their beds
Just thought I would share the campsite from Saturday night! 

Sami and one of her bff's camped out.

Allow me to digress:  Last summer I bought this tent for the kids and I for our adventures as a family of 3.  Along with a queen size air mattress. And an automatic pump.  Turns out if the three of you are in the tent, the kids manage to roll their mom off the air mattress.  True story.  We went camping at Phillips Lake last September, and I started out on the mattress with Sami.  I woke on the floor.  And Jake was on the mattress.  Good thing there is room for another mattress of the same size.  Stinker.

Back to this story: On Saturday night the girls had to 'brave' a storm that came through.  Poor little things.  It was quite the wind storm.  It took out about 3 of the tent stakes that were holding down the fly.  I went out to check on them about 10 pm or so, and Sami just wanted to make sure the storm was over.  They were a bit spooked, but brave!  After that, it was a calm night and party time for them.  All the windows to the house were then opened and I could hear them clear back at my room.  Whispering was not in their vocabulary. Sound travels in the summer!  I went out and gave them the heads up.

Next morning?  When it was clean up time I found a stash of snacks had made its way to the tent:  A donut container, empty M&M wrapper and empty Hershey Bar container (single serving sizes, don't worry!).  Yep.  Like I said.  A party! 

Aw, the joys of sleepovers.

Sunday?  Was a recovery day for all.  Jake came down with a cold, and I wasn't feeling very hot.  Wait.  I was feeling VERY hot.  And miserable.  It was a 97 degree day. 

But still lovin' summer! 

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Sue McG said...

Too much fun - love the sleepover / campover days, and what a pretty garden to camp out in :)