Sunday, July 8, 2012

July Photos - Lovin' Summer!

Jump!  I wanted to get all three, but this is as good as it got. 

Jake, with a red belly from crawling up on the deck

Playing games

Our little camp sight.  Just for the day

Water balloons back at home

The girls having their water balloon fight

Post water hits

Filling balloons

Storm Coming In!

Yesterday the kids and I (and one of Sami's friends) went to Pilcher Creek Reservoir, which, is only 14 miles from  my little casa.  Summer has arrived and we are going to play as much as we can in any 'new' water places we can find (my goal).  It was a battle dragging Jake away from the house.  He would rather stay home and play on the computer - he took my old laptop and has been working on bringing it up to 2012 standards from 2006. It's a project.  But, I am determined that he has a life outside, he can work on the darn computer in the winter, right?  He tried staying home during the 4th of July festivities as well.  I am dragging him out, and once he is out, he is having fun.

We had never been before to Pilcher Creek Reservoir before.  We have lived here (in the area) for 13 years and with my new 'life' I am taking steps to make sure we explore our area and get out!   As a full-time working mom, I am trying to make sure the kids have a summer and some great memories to look back on.  Afterall,  in just 5 short years, they will be both out of the house(s) and on their own - and making their own adventures. 

So, I am working on a bucket list for us.  The top photos are from Pilcher Creek, and the lower ones are from my front yard - the girls having a waterballoon fight, and the view of a storm coming in.  The girls also setup the tent in the front yard and were good sports while the storm ripped through the area.  Later, they admitted they were scared!  But both girls are 'tough' and they stuck it out! 

Right now, it's a little after 8am and they are out still there now, sleeping off their evening of late night antics and boat loads of junk food. 

Next on the docket?  Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

You only live once!  

Have a great day!  We are expecting highs of about 95 degrees and more evening thunderstorms.

Summer is the BEST!


Barb said...

I agree, Andi - summer IS the best! Love all the photos - looks like your summer will be a fun one! Enjoy! :)

*karendianne. said...

Great photographic storytelling! I completely dig the Bucket List idea you got workin' there, too. What a great MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you for this. (and other stuff naturally)

BabyBokChoy said...

if it weren't for the fact my kids are fighting and throwing things at each other without my prompting, i seriously would consider the water balloon idea... even so... i still might... lol.