Thursday, August 9, 2012

Radiology Called.... They Want Your Left Boob Back!

I really don't know how else to title this post! 

First, let me say, don't panic!  Everything seems to be 'normal' at this point.  But, yes.  Radiology called me and wanted me to come back for more images and a sonogram.

I seem to be testing out our Health Care System.  Problem is, I have been 'testing' the system since last September and even with health insurance it is costing me an arm and a leg! And my 'tests' are giving the system a big fat F.

So far I have had:
Lots of Lab Work (blood, etc.). - Only finding: I am slightly Anemic. (This gets really bad for about a week)
An MRI - And yes, they did find a brain!  No problems there.
A Biopsy - Uterine (negative for malignancy)
Uterine Sonograms.  - Findings:  Fibroids (which are the cause of the anemia and boxes of product I go through 1x month)
My hormone levels were checked.  Apparently, they are normal!  Could have fooled me.  I swear I am going through the big M, or at least ParaM. 
And, most recently, a Mammogram with a side of sonograms

And, thus, the call back....

So.. I actually asked my new female doc to prescribe the Mammogram.  I did not tell her why.  (I found a lump some time ago to the right of my left breast).  I am 50 for crying out loud!  She should have demanded it! And why hasn't she checked my breasts?  Huh? Oh. Because we have been working on my female plumbing issues.  OK. Fine. 

When I was getting the Mammogram it was the easiest darn thing in the world.  First time I did it!  And, the photos/images were awesome.  I want copies of them.   My 36B not so perky breasts look awesome when they are squished!  But apparently, the Radiologist 'saw' something in my left breast and I got a call back.

The good news?  The majority of women who are getting their first Mamo do get a call back because the radiologist has nothing to compare your images to.  They don't know what 'your nomal' is, and gosh darn it, they need to get baseline data.  But heck, you get to pay the price for them! As in $.

So.. back I went.  More images and squishing.  Then to get a sonogram.  I told radiology and the sonogram chick about the lump to the right of my breast.  Radiology?  All they found was a cyst in the left breast (reason for the call back) and since the lump is not in my breast, they really don't give a rip.  As long as my breasts are 'clean' they are happy campers.  (AKA: Our work here is done).  They did shoot images of it as best they could, and they did do the sonogram thing over it.  But nothing shows up!   However, the Radiologist did cop a feel, and said there is something hard in there and it should come out.  Humph.  You think?

So..the  next step is getting a Real Doctor to remove whatever the hard thing is.  He said he would write it up for my Female Doc so she knows what went down and so she can refer me to a MD that does that sort of thing.

A Real Doc?  I called around last month (Female Doc also wants me to get a colonoscopy) and no one is accepting new patients!  Hello!  The hospital keeps advertising on the radio that 'people with a primary physician have a better relationship and get better care' than those of us that just see whoever is available when we have a problem.

I have an appt. with my female doc this Friday. We scheduled this back when I had the biopsy.  So, after the results of the 'Call Back' she called me on the phone and said the Mammogram is showing something strange and I need to see a doctor for surgery.  Holy shit!  Did she ever get that wrong.  Thank God I actually talked with the Radiologist and I KNOW what he did and did not see and what he is recommending gets done.

So again.  Our Health Care System?  SUCKS!!!!!
Big Fat F.

Moral of the story?  It's your body.  These people can't see the forest through the trees.  They focus on 'one tree' and not the entire watershed. Oh.  And Mammograms are NOT a big deal.  They don't hurt.  Yeah, they take your boob and squish it, but heck, your boobs get more prodding and pulling and squeezing from a good session of  'man handling' (or at least, they should!). 


Suzanne C said...

LOL! Such an appropriate post! Totally agree with you all on the salient points!
Glad to hear your mammogram finished successfully and hope that the other lump is minor and gets resolved!

Sweet Blessings said...

Hello there sweet, so been through your story :) And, way to go for "knowing" your own body. I have a lump that I've had for over 15 years. I did the whole mammogram, ultrasound, needle biopsy, real biopsy...etc. Apparently it's just a bunch of tiny cysts..anyway...long story I just go straight to Seattle to the Swedish Women's Diagnostic's a one shop deal...they do the mammogram and if they see something they don't like they take care of it right then and there. I LOVE it there..the Drs. are SO NICE..and it's all they do ALL day LONG! So, if you ever need more...I so recommend going's more than worth the drive, and totally takes care of the weeks of waiting and worrying that often accompany local drs. :) more than that..just want you to know I'm praying you feel fit as a fiddle and GREAT ! Sweet blessings!