Saturday, December 14, 2013

DD #13: Friday the 13th!

Is it me, or is this month December flying by?  Seriously.. only 11 days until Christmas?  ELEVEN!

I still have to wrap and package and ship gifts  (Note to self:  Buy more wrapping paper and tape!)
And finish my Christmas Cards
And decorate the tree
And put up some more indoor decor

But I am NOT stressed!  Nope.  I am in a happy cozy little place right now.  Meaning, my inner place or space. 

I am still trying to figure out what else to get the kids.  I bought us each all day ski passes, four each.
And Sami already got a pair of cowboy boots (zebra striped and very sparkly) and Jake got a new black cowboy hat.

They both want a smart phone.  So do I!  But not sure I can really afford the expense. I paid for all three of our current phones, and I pay for all three of our phone plans.  I also do not have regular TV.  We do the streaming thing through Roku.  I miss my live sports and the emmies and grammies and country music awards.    So at times I am tempted to get satellite TV.  Or slippers.  I need new slippers... whatever.

Right Now?  
It's Saturday morning.  9:21 am.  Sami is still in bed, and Jake is on the couch fighting a cold. 
I am in my jammies.  It is an overcast white day outside.  And, I am in no hurry to go anywhere. I woke to snow yesterday morning and when I drove home at night it was starting to ice up.  I saw later there was black ice everywhere over the mountain and a few accidents. So glad I got through safe and sound. 

Morning space: Coffee, favorite Christmas Cup, ME Calendar, and a bell from the wreath sent from Pat Mom a few years ago

And this year's Christmas Card! 

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