Saturday, December 14, 2013

DD #14. Saturday.

What a day.  It warmed up into the 30 somethings.  Right now at 7pm it is 28 degrees.

Today?  A house full of teens.  Sami has a girlfriend over, and Jake also has a friend over.  the girls were funny.  They got all dressed up and then went outside to take photos.  I swear that girl Sami is going to be a professional photographer. Later I drove Sami and her girlfriend into Baker to watch a movie, and I went to one of my friends  until the move was done.

Jake and his friend are playing Magic the Gathering.  It's a card game.  Jake used to be 'alone' playing this game.  Turns out there are a whole group of kids at his school that play.  The school superintendent brought in a collection of cards.  It's awesome.  Turns out the game was invented my a math teacher to teach kids how to be better at math. It's awesome. 

Today was also another day in the kitchen. 
kale, squash, lamb stew, and brownies  Now we have food for days!

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