Saturday, December 21, 2013

DD # 21: YES!!!!! The Winter Solstice is today! Saturday...

I have lots of catching up to do.... and need to get moving to get the kids to the school to catch a bus to Jordan Valley for basketball games.

They both played last night and both teams won their games.  Sami did two jump shots!  Yahoo!  And she did great and stealing the ball.

Jake?  He got body slammed, ended up on his back seeing stars with a hurt right leg and his teeth hurt.  He got up, stumbled back into the game and played until the buzzer rang.  Holy crap.  He was stunned and it was obvious.  Lots of dads came up to him afterward to check on him and tell him he did great.

Snow?  BOATLOADS!  Big storm yesterday.

I am going to go play in the snow today with a girlfriend while the kids travel.  We are going to snoeshoe.

And I have a holiday party tonight.  Yippee!!

And the kids dad will not be home until Sunday night.  I just found out from Jake.  Um.. good thing I didn't make any plans, eh????

OK.. gotta run!
Snow covered trash can, Saturday morning

My typical attire when outside in the yard, includes my jammies!

Like that new coffee cup?  I have a new set of four:  2 red, 2 gold. from my Secret Santa, along with new slippers and some new smart wool sox and new gloves!

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