Sunday, December 22, 2013

DD #22: The 4th Sunday in Advent... December 22nd

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Ahhhhh.... Sunday.

I had a rough night last night.

I had to meet the kids school bus at midnight.  In North Powder, which is 7 miles from here.  Which means, I had to stay up past my bedtime (anywhere from 8pm to 9pmish), and drive with acceptable clothes on (which means, not slipping into my ever so cozy jammies and crawling into bed, which is what I WANTED to do).

So, after coming home after a Holiday party at friends (I was the only single person there) where the only people I knew were the hosts, I laid on the couch in my uncomfortable clothes with Rosie the kittie and waited for the kids to communicate with me on where they were and when they would be home.  This went on from about 10pm on.  Their basketball games were in Jordan Valley, 4 hours away, and apparently the entire town had absolutely no cell service - which explains the 'call me when you get there' silence.  And, the 'call me when you are leaving' silence.  And the chat with the bus barn leader, on a Saturday night, about 'when can I expect my kids home?' call. It's a small town.  We do this sort of thing.

Anyway, all the above resulted in this morning's slow moving body.

But, both kids and home safe and sound, and all the basketball games were won by our school.
Jake is now sitting on the couch watching episodes of Myth Busters... after spilling a little bit of cereal and milk on the couch.

Sami is still in bed.. a good place for her.  She needs her beauty sleep.  She was VERY grumpy last night.  Think I will let her sleep until noon!  In truth I think she was upset that I picked them up.  She sent me a message  'I think Tyler is taking us home'.  I texted back and said 'to my house?  Let me know for sure'.  I thought she was talking about neighbors by the ranch.  Why the heck would they drive to my house?  I did not get a message back from her.  I texted Jake and asked 'am I picking you up in NP' and he said yes.  

Turns out it was the wrong Tyler.  The Tyler Sami was talking about is a cute senior who is our basketball star and was the Homecoming King (football star, too).  He offered to give Sami and Jake a ride home, but alas, something was lost in the whole translation to me.

And well, her mommy showed up. How embarrassing.

Today's line up?  Taking the kids to town to get their big Christmas gift.  Smart Phones.  Yep.  This is what they want and rather than spend money on piles of things they don't, we are taking the plunge.

Oh.. maybe some sledding on inner tubes, too.

Here are photos from my play day on Saturday.  Snowshoeing with a gal pal up Pine Creek.

We were the first to break trail!

Taking a break!

Snow shoeing snacks

Appetizer for Christmas Party - fresh mozzarella cheese,  sour dough bread, and two types of olives

the end of the trail

Little ol' me!

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