Saturday, December 28, 2013

DD #24 Silent Night....

I think I love Christmas Eve more than the 25th.. It is the night we actually have a celebration and it includes a great meal, games, and silent reflection.  Our tradition has been that I cook a  Prime Rib and put together a baked potato bar.  Everyone does everything else in terms of side dishes and desserts.

My house it tiny.  And this year, the Hawaii Bowl (football) was interfering with our festivities since I don't have satellite TV.  And the guest list grew. So, the party was moved to the Maxwell's, the folks who we have been celebrating Christmas Eve with for years....and the ones where I go for our Red Neck Thanksgiving (aka we blow stuff up before dinner).   Just now we do it at my place or theirs.  In total?  There were 17 people.  Usually at my house there are 8. 

So, Christmas Eve day was a whirlwind.  I had to intercept a box being held hostage at the local post office in Haines that G.G. sent.  It's beyond me why people wait until the freaking last minute to send gifts (that would be me)!  Our post office has hours that do not allow me to go in before or after I leave or come home for work, since I commute.  Good thing I had Dec. 24th off!

My friend Lori and I spent the day prepping and shopping and we purchased a cute little mascot for the festivities. A gnome.  He had photo ops along the day.  Made it quite fun!  I will share his journey in a separate post.

After leaving our friends and coming home, the night was clear and beautiful.  Our part of the neighborhood is all lit up with lights and it is so festive.

I crawled into bed, said a prayer of thanks for all this beauty and love, and snuggled into the most beautiful and Holy of Nights.  The Silent Night.

Our Christmas Card Display

Love the message on the eggnog carton!  Do you see me?

Just one more day. Two bottles of wine and gloves from my secret santa

Mexican Hot Cocoa on the stove - another tradition

Mexican Hot Cocoa.  Remember when it was wrapped in paper?

Even Rosie has a Christmas Stocking! Thanks to Sami

All ready to take to the Maxwell's!  3:45 pm.. Game is at 5pm

Our Destination: Home of the Maxwell's

Inside the Maxwell House

Watching the Hawaii Bowl:  Boise State v.s. Oregon State. Oregon won!

Jarrod Maxwell Carve's the roast beast (Prime Rib)

Baked potato bar and then some (no the mustard is not my idea, it's for the meat)

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