Monday, December 23, 2013

DD # 23: Monday.. Two more Days!

Fa la la la la!  Yes, In my kitchen.  Hanging off the ceiling fan

A few more packages under the tree

Only 2 more days!  Today's cup is gold.
The Eve, of Christmas Eve. 

 Last night my friends the Binghams (Jake, Wendy, Roper, Dallee Jo, Range and Brand) all came over to surprise us and sing a Christmas Song.. Silent Night!  The kid's dad arrived at the same time, so Sami and Jake missed the singing.  Dick never made it to Portland.  He left, on Friday, and called yesterday morning to get the kids.  I told him we were going shopping and that I didn't think he would be back until Sunday evening (message from the kids).  His truck broke down near Arlington Friday evening.  The tow truck would not bring him over the mountain, only to Pendleton. (Big storm, interstate got closed for a bit, etc.)  He actually got home at 3pm on Saturday.

I am going to work today.  It would be a great day to take off, but I am taking tomorrow off to prep for the evening's festivities.  I still have to go grocery shopping, buy a little gift for Rosie the kitty (apparently I slipped up by NOT having a Christmas stocking for her - kids said so) and try and intercept boxes sent via the US Postal Service from Mountain View, CA.  They don't deliver to my house, so I have to go to the post office in town, which is closed by the time I get home from work, or when I leave for work. 

GG said she sent a box 3day shipping, 'over a week ago' and it has not arrived.  Avis' box said 'GG is sending Jake's gifts' - they went in on it together, so right now there are no Jake presents under the tree.  The good news is Jake and Sami got to go shopping yesterday and get their big gift - I-Phones.  So I am thinking there are no hurt feelings or disappointments - just the baggage I carry and need to let go of.  Oh, the letting go. 

I host dinner at my place on Christmas Eve.  Prime Rib, baked potato bar, etc.  Friends. Games.  It's a wonderful time for us.  I invited three more people this year.  Not sure where they will sit!

It's about 32 degrees outside and the weather is going to be snowy, rainy, yucky. 

Have a beautiful day, everyone! 

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