Thursday, December 5, 2013

DD#5. Cold Frigid Thursday

We started with MINUS 2 in the neighborhood.  Dang cold.
So cold the kids finally complained about the weather.  They never wear appropriate clothing, despite my rants of 'cover your head', 'get some gloves', 'wear long underwear'.

So, hopefully we will get them all sorted out with appropriate winter wear this weekend.

A coworker of mine makes the cutest decorations and I love to buy them.  So, these little guys were on my desk today. 

they are still hanging out at my office.  I will bring them home tomorrow night and pick a few for gifts and keep a few. 

Right now?  Super tired.  Did not sleep last night so looking forward to crawling into my bed.
Good night my friends.
Oh.. winter storm coming tomorrow night!  Yippee!
I love snow on the weekends!

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