Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Daily #4: 2013

Brrr!  As I write this it is 6 degrees outside.  But the roads were clear and no problems on the commute. The drive to work?  The sun on the snow was awesome!  A scene that takes your breath away.

And the drive home?  Even better!  Although the days are getting shorter, the dark as can be, I love it when the sky is clear and I get to see stars and plants.  Tonight was spectacular.

I got to see the moon and Venus.  Wow. 

Kids are up to their ears in basketball practice.  Its a shuffle..  Pickup one at 6pm one the other at 8pm.  Small school, one gym for practice.

First games are this Friday.  I will be at work and will miss them.  They play at 11am.

Have a beautiful night!


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