Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Daily - #1 12/1/2013. Sunday

I am attempting to do a December Daily Album, but blog style.
Last year I kept a daily journal in one blog post that I never shared.  I love revisiting it. It has all sorts of stuff in it, like, storm monitoring, tracking the sinus infection I had, and the first sweet dates with FM.

It's all narrative and needs some photos, so one of these days I will update it and share it with all of you.

This year?

A daily post.  Let's see how it goes...
In My Life...
My $35 Tree.  Setup all by my lonesome. Last year's was $5.00 (USFS)

Today I strung my lights.  And that big wreath?  $35 from the LG Lyons'.

Fa La La La La! 

Our Entry Way. Notice those dark clouds?  Storm is a coming. Hence trying to get all this done!

And the fence that faces the paved road.  Yep.  One busy girl today.

Today was a crazy, busy day.  I went and got the tree, solo.  And set it up, solo.  It was the 'dirtiest' tree I have ever purchased.  It rained last night and my tree was muddy!  So needless to say, a few things got dirty along the way. Inside of car, white shirt hanging in car, kitchen floor, living room carpet, and even a wall.  I bought the tree to support the kid's school -   a fundraiser.  And, I bought an 'extra' for them to donate to a needy family.  which makes my little heart sing (part of my personal RAK project).

I also put up the outside Christmas lights and decor, today.  And set the lights to a timer, which, yippee, is working just right.

And now?  My back hurts.  HA! 

What is going on with my significant ex's family... 
The kids went back to their dad's this morning after being with me since Thanksgiving night.  This was a rough week for them.  They left a week ago Sunday, with their Dad, to be with the Sexton Family in Idaho.   Dick's dad, John Henry Sexton, or 'Hank' as he was known, took a tumble out of bed on Nov. 22nd.  At some point he had stopped breathing.  This poor man lost his eyesight and hearing both, about two years ago and has been depressed, sad, and wanting to leave this planet for quite some time. He was taken to a hospital, and put into an induced coma to bring his body temp. down.  He never came out of the coma and he died on Wednesday, November 27th after being taken off life support.  Sometime soon, maybe tomorrow, the kids and Dick will go back to Idaho for a family viewing.  Dick's sister has called me twice and I have not called her back yet. It is hard for me.  It's not my story.  It's Dick's and the kids. 
And in my heart..
Getting the tree and decorating outside occupied my time and kept me busy today.  Which, was good, considering my heart took a hit this morning.  A 'friend' sent me a text with a photo of the man I was dating for 10 months and his date, while they were out at an event last night.  Excuse me?  Who does that to a person?  She wanted to know if I saw 'this' on Facebook.  Whatever.   Reminds me of a show my daughter watches called 'Gossip Girl'. Good God.  Drama.

This is the guy that was my FM (favorite man) and that I fell in love with, but he just wasn't emotionally available to me.  And he had a lot going on in the 'baggage' dept. with his ex.  I broke up with him a month ago.  But miss him daily and think about him far too much for someone who tells herself  'this is the right thing to do' and  'he is not the right guy for you'.  

So needless to say, my little heart hurt to see him with someone else.

But life goes on.  Talley ho.  Forward ho. Upward and Onward.

Go A Team.

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