Sunday, December 1, 2013

28 Days of Gratitude - 2013

These are all the posts I made on Facebook for my November daily gratitude journal.  It appears I skipped a few days:)

Nov 1: Today was a super long action packed day! Thankful for every single minute and person that was a part of it. Thankful to have a cozy home that is full right now and two teens that tuck me in at night. Thankful for sleep in Saturday's! Life is good!!

Nov 2. Thankful for the little voice that says trust your intuition and everything will be just fine. Pink air in! Gray air out.....

 Day 3: I am so grateful for Sundays!!!!!! Laughter is so good for the soul. And today, was definitely a day for my soul! Tonight? Was good for my heart. Goodnight sweet peeps that read my ramblings.

 Day 6: Grateful for my sister Paula Queathem. She is my own personal therapist, who listens to my woes, gives me a voice of reason, calms me down when I go crazy and gracefully never says 'I told you so' - unless it has to do with parenting. Yeah, I still eat a lot of crow for all the great advice I gave her before I had my own kids. Love ya baby sis! xxxoooooo
 Day 7: Grateful for just a chance to sit down, be calm, and listen to the quiet. And for the beautiful waxing moon that guided me home tonight. Sigh.

 Day 8: Thankful for this upcoming three-day weekend. However, the timing is wrong! Too much work to be done right now. Pink air in... gray air out!

Day 9. My two teens. They keep me busy and chase away my blue mood. Our movie and pizza night was fun. Although The Bachelor II might not make me mom of the year!

 Day 10: Thankful to see these sights in the morning. And for neighbors that don't mind me out and about in my jammies! (posted photos of the view from my front door)

 Day 12: Thankful for this great weather! Any day the temp is above 32 is a good day in my book! Yahoo!

 Day 13: (day behind): Thankful for so many things: Flowers delivered and flowers to pick up (two bouquets in one week = happy heart), a great job, awesome kids, and always, the promise of a new day and another chance for a do-over. And Groupon! Holy cow what a score this morning! (purchased three sets of four-day lift tickets for Anthony Lakes Ski Resort)

 Day 15 (yesterday): Thankful for getting the bulk of one work project off the 'do it now' list. Phew!

Day 16: Thankful for the reminder of the joys of youth! Not me, the kids. My oldest asked if she could go out bowling with friends last night, and this was at 9:30 pm! I consider that 'day over' time. As in, she had to come into my room, where I was all cozy and reading a book way past my bedtime! Apparently, it's 'just getting started' time for some. At least the Haines kids who work all day:) Crazy kids. And yes, she went. And yes, she was home within 2 hours, and they had a great time:)

 Day 17: Thankful for many things. Sunday was spent doing a little bit of everything: made a tasty steak and egg breakfast, got in a little run, a little crafting, a trip to Baker for my spirit, a trip to La Grande for some fine dining and conversation with a great friend and a drive home that was spectacular under the full moon. yes, very thankful

 Day 18: Thankful for a very full-filling work life! I love my job. AND for seeing a herd of elk today on my commute! So darn cool!!! A bunch o' elk running through a field, then stopping, in front of a fence. All you elk hunters, I know where they are:)

Day 19: Grateful for homemade Tamales! Oh heaven.heaven.heaven. Saving 1 doz. for Christmas/New Years snacks. The other dozen? Six will be consumed before 9pm. I should have ordered more! Not grateful for the basketball practice schedule: One kid from 4-6, the other from 6-8. Daily. You know what I'll be wearing when I am driving down the highway at 8!

Day 21: Thankful for a beautiful day yesterday from sun up 'til sundown. It was a crystal clear day that was bright and sunny and darn cold! Got to see the stars and moon early and late. Right now? Very cozy yet 7 degrees in Haines!

Day 22: Thankful for lots of awesome things! Let's see: Senior discount at dinner while out with someone who was too young for the discount (I know, right?); tasty chocolate and a beautiful bottle of zin; dancing under the stars; finding out both kids made the honor roll and were named in the local paper, and of course, finishing three grants on time. Yep. On a scale from 1-10? I'm giving the last 24 hours a 10.

Day 23: I am Thankful for the relationship I have with my significant ex and his family. (dick's sister Sherry called and left a message about her dad falling out of bed and all of them going to the hospital and needing prayers for Hank and Georgia - Dick's parents, the kids grandfather).

Day 24: Thankful for another crystal clear day, a cold run, and BBQ oysters. Thankful that the kids were able to travel safely with their dad to Idaho, and be able to say goodbye to one of the last great Cattlemen to have made history in California agriculture and 'retired' as a superintendent for the National Rifle Association's Whittington Center in Raton, NM. They don't make them like they used to, John Henry Sexton. Peace be with you on your next journey. Hope there's a big bay quarter horse waiting for you on the other side to ride off into the sunset.

 Day 25: Grateful for migraine meds, bed, and more bed rest! Hope to see the chiropractor tomorrow to fix my neck.

 Day 26: (Yesterday). So grateful for my chiropractor! Neck feels lots better. Did get another headache last night when out for dinner at the CASA event in Baker, but such is life. Yesterday's calendar quote reads 'the heart that truly loves never forgets' - Proverb. Been thinking of two people that I have loved and still care about. They are both going through tough personal times right now, and I wish them both peace in their hearts. I wish I could hug them both. (Thoughts of Dick dealing with his father's death, and Jeff, dealing with his ex and court and drama, and our breakup).

 Day 27: Thankful for some down time.

Day 28: Thanksgiving Day!  Thankful for a beautiful day! Ran in a super fun 5K, made cranberry sauce and whipped cream; saw the best loaded pumpkin explosions, had a great dinner with 27 of my closest friends, hosted by the BEST neighbors in the world, and have my two sweet teens home safe and sound under my roof. Thank you God for these blessings. Thank you for the full heart I have. I am truly lucky.


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