Monday, September 4, 2017

Checking In - Current Thoughts

Summer Dining the Front Yard
  Summer is coming to an end. Sniff. This photo is from our evening September 1st. I love this part of the summer. The fresh foods, enjoying the evenings outside, slowness, when it can be slow.

Here are some quick updates (now that I have my blog back):
  1. It's hotter than heck outside and inside.  My AC quit on Wednesday.  Landlord isn't going to deal with it until sometime this week - meaning, he didn't want to hire someone over the holiday weekend and/or ruin his weekend plans.  It's 78 inside right now, and 97 outside.  Even though I love summer, not digging this part.  I'll get over it.  Fans running and windows open once the sun goes down.
  2. Sami is back in Hawaii.  She left on August 16 for her 2nd year in college. She transferred from Hawaii Pacific to University of Hawaii.  Starting over again with a new dorm, making new friends, etc.  Not easy. 
  3. Jake leaves this month.  His move in date at Eastern Oregon University is September 20th. At least he will be closer! 
  4. Empty Nest:  It's NOT what it's cracked up to be - especially if you are a single mom.  
  5. My Mother Grace:  I miss her.  It still hurts.  Even though we had years and years of strife between us, toward her end our relationship was better.  My fear?  She was the glue that kept her three daughters together.  We are drifting apart.  I feel it.  
  6. Life Around Here:  I have been a cyclops for seven days. Eye infection.  Blech.  Put a damper on all things 'weekendish'.  Did get out yesterday for a hike, but my eye was not happy with me exposing it to the elements - dust, etc.  It is, what it is. 
  7. Long Range Plan:  Can't deal with any more changes right now. Death, kids out of the house.  It's all too much.  So, keeping my little home and will deal with winter driving when it gets here. It would be great if we had a nice, mild winter!   Besides, see that view up there in the front yard - the mountains?  I love it. It grounds me.  Makes me sing my happy song.
Thanks for listening.

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