Saturday, October 28, 2017

My Drive With Rosie

I wasn't real sure how to title this post. 

Tuesday I got a call from the funeral home that cremated our Rosie. 

I chose to cremate her because of past experience with burying animals at the ranch.  This is morbid.  But the dogs would dig up what was buried - and, well, you get the idea. 

So, Wednesday morning before going to work, I drove into Baker to pick her up. 

I have to say.  My heart was truly touched. 

The care they gave to her remains is beyond what I had expected.

Her sweet little box has her name on the top, along with a beautiful, flat marbled stone, etched in gold.

And, inside along with her remains, they put a print of one of her paws, and  a packaged cutting of her fur.

I didn't even think of these things.  How precious they would be.

So, there we were.  Rosie and I.  She drove up front with me to work.  And drove home with me after.  It's a long drive.  My commute is 33 miles.  And Baker is an extra 20 minutes. 

It was comforting, really.

Not sure what our next steps will be.  Meaning, if the kids and I will take her somewhere to spread her ashes, when all three of us are together again (Christmas Holidays).

Right now? I find comfort just having her home.

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