Saturday, December 22, 2007

Advent Day 21 - Food & Song

First, the Song
Dick has been giving music lessons each night in preparation of Christmas Eve.
Sami gets guitar lessons, Jake keyboard lessons.. They are practicing
for our Christmas Eve sing along... Silent Night is our favorite!
Last year I made song books for big type for those of us that are sight challenged!
Sami's song book is the binder under the lesson book.

Now, for the Food
Last night was Favorite Foods Friday! I made 'Tomato Melties' for appetizers.
This is a recipe Dick & I invented....

Start with sourdough bread......

Heat a cube of butter, sliced mushrooms, ots of garlic, and Italian Seasoning.

Baste the butter mixture onto the bread, add sliced roma tomatoes.

Top with grated Mozzarella you can see, I goofed and put on cheddar!

Bake until somewhat crispy... and cheese is melted! These are a family favorite!
Well, with the exception of the mushrooms... the kids pick those off!


*karendianne. said...

Okay the favorite food friday - its killing me this week. I missed it. Yummy.

What a cool Dad to be doing this with Sami and Jake. This is going to be so fun on Christmas Eve. I have the goose bumps just thinking about it.

Family Traditions Love,*karendianne.

Lauren said...

Love the guitar shot! And ya lost me at mushrooms, just like the kiddos! ;-) I'm off to wrap christmas presents, mail some last minute christmas cards & hopefully NOT go do anymore shopping! :)

Lisa Renéa said...

Oh yum! I bet this is delicious! My mom used to make something like this, she used bacon instead of 'shrooms.
What a talented family you have!

Nicole Lund said...

Singing and playing with the kids is so fun, great pic of your dd and her guitar. My dds are both playing (one on violin, one on guitar) right now with dh on the piano. I should go join them.
Happy Holidays!

Sandy said...

I like Lisa's idea with the bacon, I'm allergic to the shrooms...but it sure looks tasty if I imagine them as strips of yummy pork, lol!