Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back From A Week of Adventures!

Hi all!

I just returned this evening from a week of adventures.

I'll share details and photos later.

Some of the hightlights were:
  • A swimming Polar Bear
  • Connecting with a long 'lost' friend and a favorite Uncle
  • Hiking a steep hike with the kids
  • Dancing the night away and just having fun
  • Meeting some amazing women who have done amazing worldly things! Wow!
  • Sleeping in a sleeping bag three nights in a row!
  • Being reminded of my creaking knees, stiff bones and older age
  • Falling asleep during a training session while a video was playing and it was still morning!
  • Missing my family on day 3 of being away
  • Coming home to a chalked sign on the walkway that said Welcome Home Mom! and getting two awesome snuggles!!!
Vacation is fun. But coming home is a beautiful thing.
Photos later!


Karen said...

Welcome back, Andi!! Sounds like it was a fantastic trip....looking forward to those pics. :> A swimming polar bear?? Up north and it was in the water? South, east, or west and in a zoo?? You've got me curious now! Hope you can catch a few zzz's before you head back into things full swing (as you tend to go! :>)!!

Oh yea....and welcome home snuggles are the Best!! :>

Elise said...

What a heart warming recollection of your road TRIP! I love your observations and highlights from the ROAD! Welcome back, darling girl!

Suzanne C said...

Glad you are back. Can't wait to see the pictures and the best part is coming home to the kiddos!

Diana said...

Welcome back! What fun. Thanks for sharing friend!

Sue McGettigan said...

Welcome home, isn't it great to have a little break, and even greater to come home to snuggles afterwards :)

Diana said...

Love it! Happy Easter!