Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sami's Secret Garden

Found these on Sami's Bedroom Window Sill
She's not telling what she is growing
Most of these goodies were 'rounded' up from
my stash piles (things to fix, things forgotten)

Fun Stuff!
The painted pot was broken,
(one of those School Mother's Day Gifts from a few years back)
she glued it back together
She found a peat pot to put inside of it
The little greenhouse is from many years ago!
Each of the kids had one
We started seeds for their own little gardens - in 2001?
The yellow pot is what I use to water the Christmas Tree.
Oh.. And one of my Portmeirion dishes, I see!

While I was at my four day training session, my cell phone rang one mid-morning.

I dont' get many calls, and when I do, I worry.. So, there it was, ringing loud. I answered it - apologizing profusely to the instructors, giving the plea 'it's my children', and left the room..

Here's the call:

Sami: Hi Mom!
Me: Hi Sam, what's up? (tinge of worry in voice)
Sami: Where are the seeds?
Me: What seeds?
Sami: The garden seeds! Where are they? You know, flowers?
Me: (Sigh of relief).. In the storage room upstairs... What are you up to?
Sami: Never mind! Bye!

Several of my coworkers were curious about what the heck my daughter was up to! They get to hear all sorts of 'guess what my kids did now' stories.
I then turned the phone off.
Later that afternoon, I had a message from Sami again:

Sami: Mom! Where's the soil? I need soil!!!

So.. I called back and left a message on where the potting soil is.


Another Call: Ranch Stuff:
When the workshop was all said and done, I had another message. This time from the Sausage Man. Oh boy. THAT was not a good call! And I wished I did not answer it. It really threw off my 'what a great learning experience' feeling and turned it into a panic.

The sausage man is in Mackay, Idaho, six hours away from us. We meet in Boise to do our 'exchange'. Boise is 3 hours away. Well, his assistant decided to deliver our order on Saturday, to Nampa, Idaho where our other processor is, and apparently he 'forgot' to tell everyone he was coming! the other processor was not open. And no one here knew anything about it.

The Sausage Man was pissed! I told him I was out of town and asked if he called my husband. He said he called, when no one was at the plant, but no one answered at the ranch. Well, if we are 3 hours away, what was he expecting? And on a Saturday? We run a ranch! No one is home during the day! DUDE!

I wish people would just plan these things out! Arrrrr.. Talk like a Pirate Day..

So, our sausages took a tour that day... 10 hours, in all. It better have been frozen!



Elise said...

I'd love to say, "I feel your pain", Andi.... But sausage itinerary... That's one, even I've never tackled! Hee Hee But the dreaded cell phone ringing with random question whilst you are "expanding the knowledge" is something I know quite well... Nothing like having mom out of range to totally inspire the family to TRY NEW THINGS! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!?! Sounds like you took it in good humor and with lots of love, so good for you, sweet thing! You are ALWAYS a cut above! {No beef talk, pun, intended!}:o)

Virginia L. said...

I know how you felt when you had to get all these phone calls when you are on task in a different places. Thankfully things are all good, especially Sami is planting her own secret garden! What a girl! And as for that sausage man, just don't mind him...he thinks nobody takes a rest on Saturday! That's just wrong :)

Tami B. said...

Sounds like an amazing time away, now what kind of training were you at? We need to know more. I love Sami's little garden project and that she found the book you bought her such a long time ago. No comment on the sausage man, kind of a naughty name for a man, though :)

Sweet Blessings said...

:) Sounds like life has been quite the glad it all worked out good in the end! And, so smiling that you and the kids got to do a little something fun over Spring Vacation! Hope you have a GREAT week! Sweet blessings!

glitzen said...

Yikers on the sausage mess! What stress! EEEH.
Good job Sami! My fingers are itching to plant, but we have so much snow still. I did get a new flower on my African Violet, which has been bare for six months, so that made me skip with JOY!

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL Andi, love Sami's windowsill collection, the view outside her window, and your pirate talk :)