Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Day - and Crazy Week Wrap Up

Dick and Sami Heading for the Portland Farmers Market
During our biggest Winter storm of 2010!

Prepping for Market!
We have a new logo on those cartons!

Funny.. Everyone is working expect for Jake!
Love that fun boy!
Jake and I got to have lots of 'snowed in time' while Dick & Sami were gone

Sweet Cheeks!
Look who comes hopping into the yard looking for snacks.
He's still alive! What a clever bunny.
During the storm he laid low - somewhere.
His buddies who are out in the pasture poultry pens had to be dug out!
HUGE snow drifts got into the pens on Friday. I could see them from the house
and had a panic attack.
I thought one was a gonner.
Just piles and piles of snow.
I shoveled my heart out, almost in tears.
So glad that bunny was alive.

These Girls are the Reason we are NOT having an outdoor egg hunt here!
My yard is being taken over by chickens
Some of them peck other eggs - so ours would be attacked
2nd, too many surprises out there in the grass from them!
To date we have close to 200 chickens!

Easter Decor
Kinda handy when your daughter raises Bunnies!

Easter Morning - Bunny/Chick Races
The kids favorite part of their loot!

Easter Loot
(Egg hunt is later!)

Happy Easter friends and family!!!

We are off to a very slow start. Leg of Lamb is in the oven and that is about as far as I have gotten! Well, with the exception of hiding the indoor loot.

Sami and Dick got home from the Portland Market just after 8pm last night (they left at 3:30pm on Friday!) and we were up until 10pm hearing about their great adventures!

  • They left during our biggest Winter storm (to date) of 2010! No kidding! April 2nd. Huge wind and snow storm here.
  • When they were driving over Ladd Canyon a car spun out in front of them, went into the median (big grassy/snow area - Thank God) and they could see the man's face.. He made it safely.
  • Susan, our GPS gal, got them lost, a lot, in Troutdale when they were: trying to find their hotel, when they went out to get dry ice, and when they tried to get back to the hotel. Susan, we are learning is a Country GPS Gal. She does not do cities well! She did the same to me the week prior when we went to visit my favorite Uncle!
  • It rained during their market day. They came home with all sorts of wet things! The canopy is setup in the garage drying right now.
  • They had fun fun fun!!!!!! So glad for them!

Getting ready for a new market is stressful. Lots of publications to make (me), supplies to get (Dick and Sami), and super heavy things to load (all of us)...

On Wednesday our hired hand had a kidney stone attack! He was driving the tractor, hit a ditch, and the stones kicked in.. Unfortunately, no one was around and he was on the ground writhing in pain for quite some time... He called Dick (who was in Idaho) who called me (who was in La Grande 45 minutes away) and I called our neighbors, who got to him just as his wife arrived. No one knew what was wrong and we all feared different injuries. He went to the hospital and got the diagnosis.

Thank God he was 'fine'! If you can call kidney stones fine.

When his daughter called, she said 'my dad has rocks in his kidneys'. Oh my...

Another storm is sitting on the mountains. We have plans for an outdoor feast and bonfire.

Have a great Easter day!

Thanks be to God. And I have to say, we have witnessed a lot of blessings this week!


Kelly Booth said...

Happy Easter Andi...I Love hearing about your life...hugs!

Sue McGettigan said...

Love your chooks (chickens) Andi - they are certainly 'free range':)

Suzanne C said...

Happy Easter Andi... Whew what a week you always have. :)

Glad you had a good Easter.

Lauren said...

Never a dull moment in your neck of the woods! Hope everyone is a-okay and enjoyed their Easter!

Stamping Cafe said...

Love hearing everything about your life, Andy! Thanks for sharing!!

Glad you had a wonderful Easter! Hugs!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So glad all your chickens and the bunny are OK. What storm we had! No wonder I was freezing, LOL! Glad you all had a nice Easter despite.

God Bless,

Tami B. said...

So glad to hear the bunnies are all ok and good grief those chickens are everywhere! It must be quite a treasure hunt collecting eggs. Happy Easter week :)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I love that photo of chickens, such awesome perspective.