Friday, December 31, 2010

December Daily, Day 3 - A beautiful bright and sunny day! (Dec. 31 2010 posted)

Day 3 - Click to Enlarge. This is one of my Favorite!

 Hello blog friends!  Here is the hybrid layout from Day 3.  This is definately one of my favorites.  The SUN was out!  During the winter the sun is not out very often (snow, clouds, fog, inversion) and when it is my heart just sings!

Left Side Page: Photos: (from top left and going clockwise):  1. View of the Mountains and back fence to the yard, 2. view of the back of our house, 3. Sami's Ducks out in the 'free range chicken's pen before they got moved to their winter house, 4.  The new advent calendar blocks I made at  Stamp Camp (supplies are all Stampin' Up) and my Willow Tree Ornament - upstairs by my 'office'.  Left Side Supplies:  Ali Edwards templates, and Martha Stewart baker's twine.  

Right Side Page Supplies:  Basic Grey patterned papers! Yummy!  Right Side Journaling: 
December 3rd, Friday.  Beautiful. Bright sunshine on snow, all day long!
Sourdough pancakes in the am.  This is usually Dick’s winter tradition – when someone remembers the night before to ‘feed’ the batter.  Sami is our sourdough pancake girl.  She was refusing to let me have a pancake – since she made them. Then I reminded her that I cook her breakfast most days!  I managed to get 2 pancakes out of the bargaining agreements.
About 10am I helped Sami get 'ready' to bring goats into the scale house... A friend about 30 miles away is renting Sami’s Billy Goat (his name is Billy) to breed her girls.  Good God..did I mention our big storm earlier in the week?  We had to do a lot of snow shoveling – and not ‘walkway’ stuff – but ranch stuff.  As in, getting the gates clear so a truck and trailer could drive through the headquarters, and all the gates to the corrals so the goats could be herded from one pen to the other. We also had to drive out on the quad to the Pratt field.. but we forgot the snow shovels, so we used our  feet and some heavy heaving on the gates to clear two sets out there.  All that and… the goats did not want to come in.  We did entice them through one field, Sami had grain and was leading them.  But, they spooked and ran back through the fence!   My back hurts from pushing gates in snow! 
We got home (2 miles from the headquarters) and shared our defeat.  Ramon, our hired hand got the job.  Dick called him.  Sami and I went back down to the headquarters about 2pm to help load up Billy. 
I put up all the outdoor Christmas decor!  Fa la la la la.  They look awesome with the snow! 
Sami made brownies at night.. little chef! 
Hmm.. I see Toy Story 3 is available on pay-per-view. Note to self:  We must watch it!

And, following is my blog Diary Post that I saved in draft form: (most of this iwas captured above so I deleted it). 

Outdoor Christmas Decor all done! Fa la la la la.  Need photos.

Talked on the phone w/ Michele.  ODA F2S.. and Tia Upstream Public Health.. Love this job!!!

Sami made brownies at night.. little chef! 

Hmm.. I see Toy Story 3 is available on pay-per-view. Note to self:  We must watch it!

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Elise said...

SUCH a GREAT L/O, Andi, m'darlin'! I'm SOOOO impressed! HYBRID, no less! I think I've said it before, but it's worth repeating: you are SUCH a terrific mom. I NEVER cease to be blown away and completely inspired by your AMAZING and ferocious "keeping" of the family memories and treasures. FANTASTIC job, my dear!