Monday, December 2, 2013

December Daily #2 12/2/13 Monday

Winter is trying to knock at our door.  We get rumors of temps below zero, snow, etc.
Today?  A little snow to scare us.  A little ice at night.
Nothing too bad.
Tomorrow morning may be another story.

Work?  Very busy day.  Meetings all day.  This day just zipped on by, which I love.  And I had to stay late for another meeting after work for a 'Crisis Flight Team'. 

Kids?  Dick called wondering where the kids were.  It's his night.  He called while I was in my late meeting.  I called him back about 6:30 pm.  He got it all figured out, well, because one kid called wondering if he was going to come and pick her up.  They are at basketball practice.  6pm pickup and an 8pm pickup.  He will get it eventually.

First Christmas Card arrived!  Thanks Miss E!

Icicles on the Christmas lights when I came home

My two little greeters at the front door


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