Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Daily #3: Tuesday, Dec. 3rd 2013

First storm.  Actually 2nd storm, but first one where the Interstate was closed.  That's when it really matters!  Pendleton to Ontario was closed due to a bunch of accidents between Pendleton and La Grande.  Semis, ice, cars.  Bad mix.


But my drive was just fine:).  This is my third winter of commuting over a mountain pass. You get used to it! 

Kids have basketball practice so it's drive back and forth 2x to the school - get one kid at 6pm go back for the other at 8pm.  I live 8 miles from the school.  2x8x2 = 32 miles. 

Work is busy.
December is going way too fast.
I want it to sloooooow down so I can savor the season.

Speaking of which.  we had carolers show up at the door tonight.  They sang Silent Night.  Oh my. That song grabs my heart every time and makes me cry.

Here they are:

And they brought cookies and a party invite!
I love Christmas.

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