Monday, January 2, 2017

A few Holiday Photos from December 2016 - and Letting Go

One of my favorite ornaments

Favorite outdoor decor

My favorite apron

Our favorite egg nog - only found once!  We could not find eggnog in the stores the week of  Christmas. HUMBUG!

My favorite smart ass kid

My favorite girl came home!!!! 

My favorite friend (BFF) sent this pillow - the third in a series of my fa la la collection from her

And of course, my favorite past time... Playing in my crafty space

NOT my favorite drive this time of year.  It's been a rough commute these past few weeks

Wrapped up goodies to send off to those that live far away

Favorite Santa

My favorite guy and party host.  Christmas Eve

Love my kids.  Love our friends.  Love Christmas Eve.  This was the best day ever.

Who doesn't love Prime Rib?

Or Rum cake?

Or a great game that makes you look silly while trying to talk?

What's not to Love?

Loved the quiet moment outside sunshine on Christmas Morning.

Love this darn cat!  She kept attacking ornaments and things while we opened our gifts

Yep.  Love him. 17 years old and a senior

Love her.  Soon to be 19, and a Freshman at HPU.  Congrats on her 3.57 GPA!!!

Still loving my little house - snow and all
So.. yes.  Christmas and New Years are now behind us.
It's January 2nd. The tree came down today, all the pine needles have been vacuumed  up and the decor packaged up one box that said 'Christmas in a Box, 2016'.  I kept the indoor decor simple this year.
One Box.
I probably have about 10 or so in storage. And those are just for Christmas.

I am feeling the weight of things and am ready to start purging what I do not need.  But, will save that for another post.  Words below basically lead up the weight I have been carrying and my current feeling of needing to 'let go' and the need to release (2017 OLW).

December had it's highs and it certainly had some lows.
It was a month of extremes.
So. I am just going to warn you right now.  Below are the hard things that happened.  This is going to be a downer, and somewhat of a purge for me, so, if you don't want to be exposed to my baggage, now would be a real good time to stop reading, and just move along. At times I write as a form of therapy, and to get stuff out of my head.

 Picking up Sami mid-month when she arrived in Boise was an emotional drain on both of us. I had a 2.5 hour drive, through some shitty weather, which, this time of year, is the norm.  Got a hotel room for us, and then waited for her flight.  She was stuck in LA for 12 hours.  We communicated back and forth the entire time.  She was put on three different planes, each of which, never left.  Her layover was only to be an hour.  So, the result? An 18 year old, on her own, who, finally at 2:30 am was  put up in a hotel by the airline, and she successfully navigated her way back and forth.  She had to return to the airport 2 hours later to try to catch a 7am flight, which also ended up being messed up, by the same airline.  Ug. By the time we got to see each other, we both cried.  OH my...I hadn't seen her since mid August.  Four months.
Enough of that.

Then there was the email exchange between my sister Avis and I, after I reached out to say 'how are things and did you get my package'?  I found out my mother was recently moved to Sacramento, I think two weeks earlier (which was a long time coming - Thank God she is no longer where she was), and later, from my sister Paula, I learned she fell, had broken a few ribs, and' stuff'.  I had sent her Christmas gift to the only address I had for her.  I still don't know if she got her gift.  There is no communication. It's hard for my sister, I know that.  She is doing the best she can, with what she has. Which, does not include me. 
Enough of that.

Then there was that really messed up week right before Christmas.
Monday?  A 'procedure' on my left breast.  Second one. Nothing serious.  Just pain, and wanting it all to go away. It still flares up.  Getting older sucks.
Tuesday?  Roads closed due to snow. I was watching since about 3am since my phone kept blowing up with emergency alerts.  Exhausting.
Friday?  Ha ha ha.  White out on commute.  Drove off the interstate, somewhere at the top of the mountain.  Into the median - which is nice buffer of land.  Put in 4WD, waiting to see, got back on the interstate, and drove through more shit for about another 30 minutes until I got to work.  And that was how the day started. Needless to say, it was NOT a good brain engaged day.
Thank God the weekend came, and it was Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Our celebrations were the best!

Then the really bad weather hit, and more road closures, and warnings to not drive, and white knuckling it over and over and over and over when I could drive. And for some reason my eyes were hurting real bad after my drive.  Headaches, strain, right eye weeping.  So.. I went to the eye doc, and my glasses were NOT adjusted correctly from when I picked them up a month ago.  They were way off! My right eye wasn't using the right prescription - when I needed to see up close.


As you can imagine, I am so thankful to put December behind me.  And I am thankful for this new year of new dreams, fresh starts, daily do overs, and the fact that the days are getting longer!!!!!!!!

My outdoor Christmas lights will remain on until perhaps mid-February.  Hopefully, by then, there will be a little glimmer of light when I get home from the drive.

If you read through all of this, thank you for hanging in there.  I tell myself 'it could always be worse'.  That is what gets me through the really bad days.
Thank God for the really good ones though!

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