Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sympathy Card and Thoughts January 14, 2017

A Card made for Bonnie, in memory of Gene

One of my favorite neighbors died recently.  So, I made this card, and took it over to his wife, Bonnie, along with some homemade chicken soup.  We visited for a while.  It was earlier this week, January 9th.  The sky was clear and for once amidst all the latest snow storms, it was a lovely, quiet night.  Perfect for the short walk and time of peace.

Gene was a wonderful man.  A local artist, cowboy and great story teller.  He - Gene, and his wife -Bonnie, have lived in the Baker area for quite a few years, except for a ten-year stint to work in Wyoming as well as central Oregon.  He has driven a mule train for various events, made bronze sculpture, painted many western themes, and had a gentle heart. He was part of the horse crew when Painted Wagon was filmed in Baker. 

One of our first years here, in town, he walked across the street, on ice, on Christmas Day, leaning on his cane, and brought us a gift - one of his art pieces.  It is of a mamma bear and two cubs. I am very lucky to have received it and will cherish it always. The kids and I used to visit him in his little studio, which has a woodstove, and is adjacent to his home.  That is where he would share his stories, and art with us and latest projects.  He had a miniature wagon team that he made, and various projects in the works.

I hate losing people. It hits me hard.  Makes me cry.  Makes me sad.  I am not attached to very many human beings, mainly because I have a low tolerance for choices people make that I think are unforgivable, like bigotry, or adultery, and even gossip about one's supposed friends, spouses or even co-workers.  Therefore, my list of people that I truly admire is, well, short. 

Rest in Peace, Gene. 
You will be missed.

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