Saturday, January 14, 2017

Gonna Miss Her When She's Gone - Sending Sami Off. Again

My two.  Love the towel on Sami's head.  I'm going to miss the banter and laughter between these two.  I threatened Jake that this would be his Senior photo if he didn't start cooperating on the photo shoots I am trying to arrange!

Sami and her Bestie, Christmas Eve

Another great Christmas Eve shot - that darn mouth game!
So.. it's Saturday, Jan. 14th, 2017.
Sami and are are to leave in 10 minutes for Boise.  I am all packed and ready.
She?  Is not. 
I had asked her to clean her room before she left, and pack up any items in bags that we can give away.
Has that happened, yet?
Her room is a total disaster.

That's ok.  I can secretly enjoy the sounds of her moving around in the house for a bit more.

We will leave for Boise, once she is ready.
Stop for Sushi in Eagle, and have some 'just you and me' time. Which has been minimal with her social schedule. 
Check in to our hotel. And hang out.
Then tomorrow morning I will take her to the Airport and say goodbye as she goes back to Hawaii for her 2nd semester as a Freshman at HPU.

So.. this time tomorrow I should be driving back.
Perhaps a little gloomy and sad.
But overall, happy she is again, off on her adventure.

Thanks for listening.

Oh.. in other news?  Jake got accepted to Montana State University.
He doesn't think he will go.  He is waiting to hear from Boise State.  Which is fine!!!!!!!!!!
Please... Boise.. Please, please please.

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