Monday, January 16, 2017

Little Foxy Card

Card being sent in the mail this week

Covering the sentiment - so there is at least one element of surprise!

Rosie, napping in the sunshine on my bed - I love it when I can stay home and enjoy the light coming in the windows
Today was a 'stay home until 11 am and craft - then go ski - sneak in a power nap and then go out to dinner in town'  type of day.

In other words, a perfectly well spent day off.  I even got the laundry done, cleaned up after a couple teens and organized my One Little Word supplies for this year's workshop.  My travel bags are almost packed (in case I have to stay over in La Grande with the next storm). Talk about feeling productive!  Heck yeah!

The card above was made with the Lawn Fawn stamps.  I've been on a 'fox' kick lately - most of the gifts I sent for Christmas had a fox theme, and I of course gifted some to me and Sami.  Coffee cups, linens, and crafty goodies. 

Hope your weekend was fun and relaxing and full of sunshine!

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