Saturday, February 28, 2009

CHF Challenge - Kim Hughes Stamps!

You Are Appreciated!!!!
(This is for all of you that left comments on my last post!)

Supplies Used:
(All these stamp sets can be purchased at Cornish Heritage Farms)
Yes.. that was a Economic Stimulus Boost!

Kim Hughes Pretty Birds (the little red bird)
Kim Hughes Mocha Chica (the small shaded tree)
Kim Hughes Making the Grade (the other small tree, sentiment)

(NOTE: see how those two little trees 'are so similar' yet reversed in direction, and one has the screen? How cool is that??? I mean, Mixin' and Matchin' has it's advantages!!!)

I also used...
SU patterned paper, Kim Hughes Mocha Chica Papers,
ribbon, stazon inks, ranger distress ink, Bazzil cs.


Calling all Kim Hughes Fans!!!

OK.. There is a challenge going on over at the CHF Blogster... It's a 'Mix and Match' challenge... Use some Kim Hughes stamps, from at least 2 sets... load it up to your blog or the CHF gallery, and gee, your in and could win some new stamps! (Did someone say, more stamps??? Kim Hughes' stamps????)...

I have several Kim Hughes sets.... Seven, to be exact.. and Seven is just not enough... No, I think TEN is the magic number... Or, 15. Or, 20... Yes, 20...

I have a wish list of the exisiting sets.. And Darn IT! She is releasing more soon! I'm toast, again!

Anyway, in honor of all of those of you that commented on my last post with your kind words of comfort and encouragement, this card is for you....

I truly appreciate all of you!


Friday, February 27, 2009

A Personal Question - Please Give Feedback!

It's been a rough month... some good things, some bad.

Some changes.

I have been 'thinking' a lot!

And, to be told, I've been hiding in my scrappy world. My crafty space is my private world... I hide there, and in my journal, when life throw's me a curve ball.

I haven't posted many photos, because I have been wrestling with the question of 'should I' or 'Shouldn't I'. Same with stories...

It's a long story.

Basically, I received a poison pen letter, from someone who is not in my life yet watches my blog. This person lurks, for their own personal gratification. let's just say, this is a 'give me' type of person. And, this person is a relative. Whom, I obviously have a strained relationship with.

So many things to say, but I have not felt comfortable putting those thoughts here, where I really really really wanted to! I mean, some of my closest friends and relatives are right here! The ones who cheer me up, understand me and love me for who I am!

Yet, I think about the whole 'open the the whole world' thing.

So, I am going to ask you a question.

I have thought about going 'member's only' with my blog. If I do, then I would send each of you a private email with an invitation.

The whole purpose of going 'members only' is to be able to have a private conversation, share my life, as in all of it, without being spied on...

So, here is the question:

Tell me your advice, given my dilemma: (some of you may be in the same boat!)

Should I:
1. Go Members Only with this blog - cut the access
2. Keep this blog as it is - don't worry - get on with living your life say what you have to say
3. Start a new blog that is members only - save the private stuff for that space, and the folks that can 'deal with it' and leave this one for your public life...

Thanks for listening... My next post will share the next step regarding my decision...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Dinner Recap

How Do You eat your Kabobs?
The kids eat them off the stick.
I take everything off and mix it all with my rice!

My Mock Olive Garden Salad
Oops! I forgot the olives! And carrots!

The assembled Kabobs.
We each did our own...

Dark Chocolate - Dick Hosted A Tasting Event
We each had our own little plates and Dick gave us a square,
one at a time, to savor.
The winner was the milk chocolate - for the kids and I!

Our Centerpiece
Love M&Ms!
I always have the 'bag of the season' on my scrappy desk.
Dark chocolate. No peanuts.

The Dessert!
I love making these!

Oh man... We spent 2 hours at the dinner table last night! It was so much fun!!!!

I decorated the table and put everyone's little love gifts at their spot. The kids got a heart box of goodies, and Mr. S got a 12 cup capacity French Press... (note: it's really 6 cups - we measured!).

We had a toast in the kitchen... We all clinked our special drinks glasses.

Then, everyone built their own lamb kabobs. The kids nabbed most of the pineapple (real, not the canned kind, of course!) Gads. Next year the parents will have to go first through the food line! But oh, were they yummy!!!

Then, we had our salad - my mock Olive Garden salad!

And then... the main course... Kabobs and rice...

After that we did our dark chocolate tasting... we interspersed the taste with the chocolate dipped strawberries! Dang some of that stuff is bitter!

It was a great family night... a real event..

Can't wait to scrap these photos!

I gotta say... I am just Lovin' life...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I love Valentine's Day...

Always have...

I woke at 4am and worked on a layout for the Hero Arts blog.. It's Valentine's related and I'll share it later... But what an awesome 'private time' moment! The house was quiet until 6am. So it was just me and my papers, inks, gorgeous goodies and fun stuff! Heaven... Oh. And a great cup of coffee! I'll have to do that more often! Seriously. I've been on cloud 9 since! Some endorphins must have gotten released. A scrappin' high, eh?

And, today has just been an awesome day. Every single minute! From the hug I exchanged with my husband in the kitchen to this moment. I love being with my sweet little family and just doing sweet goofy things for and with them!

We have big plans tonight... Just the 4 of us... they involve lots of lit candles, sparkly drinks, lamb kabobs and chocolate dipped strawberries! Oh my! I can't wait!

Sami and I went on a morning delivery... We started out with wrapping gifts for a new baby... 1 week old... and we went and delivered them!!! Oh... I got to hold a 1 week old baby boy. Heaven... Sweetness... Love.

Sami and I also went shopping! Yahoo Just us girls. We got real milkshakes at the Ice-Cream parlor downtown, and equipped her with new duds. She is now 'cowgirled up'. She also purchased a dog collar for Bugs...A valentine's gift. Bugs is the sweet doggy who gets to sneak into the house.

I'll post picture later... gaiter...

I hope you are all having a fabulous, love filled day!

And if you are one of those folks that is just plain dead set on being misserable right now, keep in mind that you gotta give it to get it.

Yes, I do beleive it is a choice.

Flame me. It ain't gonna burn baby, it ain't gonna burn!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Supa Bowl Sunday! Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Oh boy! Big Game Day!

I do watch the game.. Every year and mostly 'solo' by myself with my snacks, Coronas, and cell phone handy to call my baby sis Paula at every single commercial break.. We are addicts!

Well, addicts about the commercials and dishin' on the game... and half-time antics... (Remember that one commercial with the guy and his pants handin' down and he was doing that funky walk? I can see him! With that white tank top? Don't ask me what the commercial was for... It was so darn rediculous! But I do remember the dude ..)

For the most part, this is the only game I watch each year! My family tolerates me. They come and visit me and eat my snacks. They check on me, and roll their eyeballs...and mostly wonder if I will be cooking dinner or not! NOT! Chips and dip baby.

This Year's Plan:
OH, but this year will be different! I'm dragging all of them (husband, kids) to a Super Bowl Partay! We will be amongst hosts who also don't watch football except this one day of the year. Ranchers, what can I say.... Agriculture has a way of keeping you busy working outside with no time for couchin' it during the day! The good news is our hosts have 2 kids as well, so the kidlets will be super busy and not bored!

The Snacks:
So, I talked the Dickster into making his 'smokin' hot' chili, and sourdough bisquits. Last night was 'trial run' night. The kitchen was a wreck! Today I am bringing home-made salsa, guacamole, and chips, and Coronas of course. (Next Friday is the school chili feed so Dick is practicing his recipe, as well as our hostess - it's a Chili Dual later today, too!)

Who Cares?
This post is mainly to go on the record to say I am rooting for the Cardinals! Documentation, baby.

I want to get this 'out there' because I seem to be the only Cardinal fan in my hood!
Thank goodness for my little sis Paula... but she is miles away in Missouri.

So, later today, I will be struttin' into a room full of Steelers, with my Cardinal 'We're number One' Finger waving high...

If the cards lose, I will be a gracious loser...

If they win... Watch Out! Everyone will get 'my number one'!!!

Fa la la la la!!!!

Have a great day!

My Glam Girl

My Glam Girl
Click on image to check out the details

Another layout for last week's Hero Arts Challenge to use hearts. And, another fun project! I love these photos of Sami from her birthday clothes 'vamping'....

HA Supplies Used:
CL188 (little heart and sentiment in border strip); CL181 (xoxo in border strip); CL151 (bigger heart in border strip) and CL127 (dotted circle border around photo )...

Other Supplies:
Stampin' Up Patterned Papers
American Crafts Thickers
Prima Paper Flower (has hearts!)
Basic Grey button
SU Scallop Border Punch
Dotted Ribbon (unknown mfg)
K & Co. Smitten Adhesive Ribbon (bottom row of pink hearts and the brown strip behind the photos - has little hearts in it!!!)

I created a 'border' strip with HA stamps - about 1/3 down in the layout!

Thanks for Looking!

Our House

Our House
(Is a Very very very fine house!)
Click on Image to see this in a bigger format...

Do you remember that song? I loved it! Still do!

This is a layout I did for last week's Hero Arts Challenge. We had to use a heart somewhere on our project. Lots of fun stuff used for this one.. Rubons (the bottom title), Maya Road chipboard hearts and house that I colored with Ranger inks, Hero Arts stamps, ribbon, etc.

Anyway, I actually had fun doing this layout because I love houses, and this simple layout.

Thanks for looking!