Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hooked on Hexagons - Moxie Fab Challenge

I know.. right?

Two cards posted in one day?  I love days like today:)

As most of you crafty peeps know, hexagons are a HUGE trend right now. And, there just so happens to be a challenge going on at The Moxie Fab World   - the Hooked on Hexagons Challenge.

Here is my card:

Never Give Up (shadows show dimension of popped up hexagons)

Never Give Up
I popped up some hexagons from the My Mind's Eye Patterned Paper that I used as my base up with foam dots to add more dimension to the tag and 'embed' it into the card, or anchor it - whichever is the right term, I like the result.  Hope you do, too!

The challenge ends tomorrow night, at midnight, EST (that would be 9:00 pm, for people in my time zone)!

So what are you waiting for?  There is still time to play! 

 Patterned Papers, chipboard elements, brad:  My Minds Eye
Card Stock:  Stampin' Up
Ink:  Ranger Distress Ink
Twine & Button:  Unknown (found in one of my Scraptastic Kits)

Oh So Pretty in Pink (plus a flower) - Shabby Tea Room Week #124 Challenge

I had a wedding reception to attend last night at the local golf course.  Oh what a beautiful summer evening with the waxing moon overhead!  The seating was outdoors, and along with the fabulous food, wonderful music, and a great friend I haven't seen for years (she and I were pals during my AAUW years), it was a perfect night to be a 'grown up' (OK, for 2 hours).

The happy couple is in their late 50's or early 60's, both have been previously married, and since they opted out on gifts, I made a card.

Too bad my 'bright idea' didn't launch until an hour before I had to get ready, and thank goodness for challenges to get your creativity flowing! 

I was inspired by This week's challenge over at The Shabby Tea Room .  Challenge #124 is to use the colors in the photo and add a flower.  Here is the photo:

Shabby Tea Room Week #124
And, here is what I created for the happy couple in less than an hour!

Card Front


Side View - flowers are hat pins with green glass and pearl flowers

My work area and challenge log (of good intentions!)
See my little log book?  During the week I jot down which challenges I would like to do, and print out the inspirational photos.  Generally, this is as far as I get due to 'life'!

The card? Simple.  No frills.  Just get 'er done.  I have to say, when I look at the other entries, I am blown away by all the shabby details!  You should go look.  Those ladies are downright talented!

Have a Great Day, and thanks for stopping by!

Patterned Paper: Some 'vintage' Basic Grey  (from the Sultry line)
Cardstock:  Archivers card base, and green is 'unknown'
Ribbon:  Stampin' Up
Butterfly dies: Stampin' Up Sizzix Embosslits Beautiful Wings
Hatpins:  From my stash (came in a scrapbook kit from Midnight Rooster - not sure of the actual source)
Charm:  My stash (gifted long ago from a 2peas friend!)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall Comes to La Grande, OR

Sami, one of the volunteers who helped visitors find names of loved ones on the wall

Our speaker on Marine Night, Lonnie Myers, a Marine that served
Thursday Night, my friend and coworker Carole Halvorson, who was a nurse in Vietnam was the guest speaker.  

On Army night: Carole telling us about the 11,000 nurses that were in Vietnam.  She was 23 years old at the time with only 1 and 1/2 years of nursing under her belt, and as a pediatric nurse.  The hospital she was at, was on an airbase and it was attacked twice with rockets. Her husband Bob, is seated and wearing the tan jacket.  He is also a Vietnam Vet, who was in combat, but they did not know each other at the time.
Bob (tan jacket), Carole and Byron - Byron is Veteran Services Officer, also a coworker, and he is largely responsible for the wall coming to our rural area. 

Carole sharing her story and that of others
Sami helping to transfer a name

Finding a Vietnam Vet - either that gave his/her life, or that remains missing
The town of La Grande, Oregon was privileged to host the Vietnam Moving wall from Thursday night until Monday, tomorrow, at 2pm.  Each night a different branch of the armed forces is celebrated.  Thursday night was Army night, and one of my coworkers was the honored speaker, and her husband gave the benediction.

I am amazed at the stories each person carries.  I have known Carole through other circles in my life - she and her husband raise beef, and are very active in a nonprofit that I used to work for.  She is a psychiatric nurse where I work, and both she and Bob are very active in their church.  I never knew about her life in Vietnam, that is, until last week.

She was 23 when she went over as an Army medical nurse.  A young nurse, who worked with babies, not grown men and women. That soon changed. She served 15 months on her first tour, yes, first tour in Vietnam.  And, she was stationed at a hospital on an airbase. 

Her husband also served in the Army.   He was in combat.  A man that I know as a soft spoken gentle person.  He fought.

Anyway.  Again, I am amazed at the things people have done and carry with them without others ever knowing.

Sami's school, North Powder High School (she is entering 9th grade - yikes!) was the ONLY school out of six school districts in Union County to come and volunteer to help with this event.  I am very proud of our little school and the fact that they stepped up to help.  She also got to learn about this war, a valuable history lesson that hits home when you see and hear from those that were actually there.

I did not have any relatives (that I know of) that were in Vietnam.  Perhaps in my Dad's family - he was a marine that went to Korea (not in combat).  Yet, I do remember when I was about 10 or so, playing on a playground in San Bruno, CA and asking what the bracelet was on a friend's wrist.  It had a name of a POW.  It was the first I saw, and certainly not the last.

The brochure I picked up from the event said the war started in 1955, and ended in 1975.  20 years.
Strange, how in 1975 I was 13 years old, just a year younger than Sami is right now.  I was oblivious.  She, however, is not. 

I am very grateful to those that went over, and so very sorry to learn of all the casualties.  There are 58,267 names on the wall.

Peace be with them all. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Annalia's Quinceanera - Sami's BFF! (LOTS of photos)

Candid shot of Annalia and her aunt, uncle and cousins.  I love the star hair cut!  All these guys are huge soccer players.  Her uncle was our favorite soccer coach.  He now coaches the high school boys in Baker, Oregon

The formal shot

Sami and Annalia.  Bffs!  These two beauties play soccer, basketball and track together.  This year they will be on the Baker High School Soccer team - even though they go to North Powder school.

The girls!

This one cracks me up of Sami.  I have seen that face on a relative before!

Exiting the church.  See that storm? That is the devil that caused a tornado warning later in the day! Check out Sami's hair.  She 'made me' watch a video the night before, practice, and then do her hair that morning. 

The girls!  (And the storm.  When we were in the church a HUGE hail storm hit!)

Auntie Em!  Let's get out of here!  (We drove to Idaho, actually).  Click on this photo to see her dress!  We did some repairs on her jacket while driving.  A McGiver trick with my scrapbook supplies!

Tee hee!  We got to take the princess to Idaho!!!!  Her hoop skirts had to be tucked in. 

In the hall

Directing Traffic!

More hall views

The Waltz. Oh my.  The most beautiful dance and music.  She started with the smallest ones first, twirling them as they passed her and then the line was formed.  From smallest couple to she and her chambelan.

Beauty.  Reminds me of Cinderella or Snow!

Father Daughter dance.  Beautiful

The wait for music

Tears were shed by both!
Last weekend Sami and I were honored guests at her closest friend's Quinceanera.  I say honored, because Sami was one of the 'padrinos' - a sponsor who was part of the team that gifted portions of the event so the parents don't have to pay for everything.  The event celebrates the 15th birthday of a girl - passing from childhood to a young woman.

Sami sponsored one of her bracelets.  We bought a silver chain with a '15' charm.  You should have seen all her jewels.  Lots of Black Hills gold.  Gorgeous.

Annalia is one of Sami's best and sweetest friends.  A soft spoken cutie who is an amazing athlete!  She is very respectful to her parents, she happily takes care of her little sister, and is a joy to have on any adventures that Sami invites her to. Her family is one of two that can take Sami with them on road trips across the state line. 

The weekend was dedicated to this event. 
 Friday night Sami had me practice braiding her hair. 
Saturday morning we left at 9:30 am for the church in North Powder, only 7 miles away, then drove to Wilder Idaho, about 2 hours away.
After the dinner, dances, and loud Mexican Cowboy Music (most of the men are ranch hands), we left the event at 10pm, drove on a two lane highway, with a lightening and thunder storm off in the distance and headed for a hotel in Caldwell, Idaho.
We were getting tucked into bed about 11pm when Sami announced she just read on Facebook there was a Tornado Warning declared for Baker, back home!
So.. there we were.. with the wind howling through the air conditioning unit - and me, wondering what the heck was going on back home and if we were safe!
We fell asleep.
Next morning?  All the cars in the parking lot were covered with a mix of wet sand.  Weird!
That day?  We swam in the hotel pool, then shopped to our little hearts content in Boise.
All was safe!
Well, then another Tornado warning was issued later in the week for La Grande, Oregon where I work, on Wednesday night!
Crazy summer storms!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Front Yard Campers - July 7, 2012

Casa de Coleman

View from the side front door (the one we use)

Pack it up girls! See the mountains in the background?  Heaven.

View from the 'front' of the house - which faces the paved road and due to city rules, is a useless entry since there is no access via car!

View from the 'other' front side of the house - which faces the west (aka mountains)

Ta Da!  Two houses!  One for campers, one for those who like their beds
Just thought I would share the campsite from Saturday night! 

Sami and one of her bff's camped out.

Allow me to digress:  Last summer I bought this tent for the kids and I for our adventures as a family of 3.  Along with a queen size air mattress. And an automatic pump.  Turns out if the three of you are in the tent, the kids manage to roll their mom off the air mattress.  True story.  We went camping at Phillips Lake last September, and I started out on the mattress with Sami.  I woke on the floor.  And Jake was on the mattress.  Good thing there is room for another mattress of the same size.  Stinker.

Back to this story: On Saturday night the girls had to 'brave' a storm that came through.  Poor little things.  It was quite the wind storm.  It took out about 3 of the tent stakes that were holding down the fly.  I went out to check on them about 10 pm or so, and Sami just wanted to make sure the storm was over.  They were a bit spooked, but brave!  After that, it was a calm night and party time for them.  All the windows to the house were then opened and I could hear them clear back at my room.  Whispering was not in their vocabulary. Sound travels in the summer!  I went out and gave them the heads up.

Next morning?  When it was clean up time I found a stash of snacks had made its way to the tent:  A donut container, empty M&M wrapper and empty Hershey Bar container (single serving sizes, don't worry!).  Yep.  Like I said.  A party! 

Aw, the joys of sleepovers.

Sunday?  Was a recovery day for all.  Jake came down with a cold, and I wasn't feeling very hot.  Wait.  I was feeling VERY hot.  And miserable.  It was a 97 degree day. 

But still lovin' summer! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July Photos - Lovin' Summer!

Jump!  I wanted to get all three, but this is as good as it got. 

Jake, with a red belly from crawling up on the deck

Playing games

Our little camp sight.  Just for the day

Water balloons back at home

The girls having their water balloon fight

Post water hits

Filling balloons

Storm Coming In!

Yesterday the kids and I (and one of Sami's friends) went to Pilcher Creek Reservoir, which, is only 14 miles from  my little casa.  Summer has arrived and we are going to play as much as we can in any 'new' water places we can find (my goal).  It was a battle dragging Jake away from the house.  He would rather stay home and play on the computer - he took my old laptop and has been working on bringing it up to 2012 standards from 2006. It's a project.  But, I am determined that he has a life outside, he can work on the darn computer in the winter, right?  He tried staying home during the 4th of July festivities as well.  I am dragging him out, and once he is out, he is having fun.

We had never been before to Pilcher Creek Reservoir before.  We have lived here (in the area) for 13 years and with my new 'life' I am taking steps to make sure we explore our area and get out!   As a full-time working mom, I am trying to make sure the kids have a summer and some great memories to look back on.  Afterall,  in just 5 short years, they will be both out of the house(s) and on their own - and making their own adventures. 

So, I am working on a bucket list for us.  The top photos are from Pilcher Creek, and the lower ones are from my front yard - the girls having a waterballoon fight, and the view of a storm coming in.  The girls also setup the tent in the front yard and were good sports while the storm ripped through the area.  Later, they admitted they were scared!  But both girls are 'tough' and they stuck it out! 

Right now, it's a little after 8am and they are out still there now, sleeping off their evening of late night antics and boat loads of junk food. 

Next on the docket?  Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

You only live once!  

Have a great day!  We are expecting highs of about 95 degrees and more evening thunderstorms.

Summer is the BEST!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July from Haines, Oregon!

This makes my heart happy:  Jake and Sami are laughing at who knows what! Signs of Summer:  Home made potato salad, BBQ chicken and flowers from the LG Farmers Market

My Front Yard and Sami trying out one of my new $1.00 lounge chairs

Happy Feet!  Me, trying out another one of the $1.00 lounge chairs

Potato Plants in my garden

Badminton in Larry's Park - tonight we will be around the fire pit and roasting marshmallows, lighting fireworks and watching the Haines Fireworks!

14 year old summer beauty - she kept me running on the badminton court

One of our 4th of July Rodeo's - last night, on the 3rd, right here in Haines.  My favorite things - cowboys, hats, wranglers and the flag

Wild Cow milking.  Who picked the darn longhorns for this event?

My yard!  I love it. Love it. Love it.

The lounge setup

Front Door with 4th Wreath (we don't use this door)

Some decor

More Decor - by that 'not used' front door
It's the 4th.  The biggest celebration for our little town, here in Haines, Oregon!
Rodeos. BQ. Parade. A huge fireworks display at 10pm.
Art in the Park.
Not bad for a little town of 300 people. (Cows and horses out number people)

Sami, Jake and I will be selling bracelets and custom engraved water bottles (metal, with rodeo bucking horse on them) for our friends whose three children have heart defects - two are down in Palo Alto CA right now.  One is waiting for a heart transplant, and she is on a Berlin heart right now.  Their little boy, 3 years old, has a pacemaker. (The sale was a huge success!  We ran out!).  Their oldest had a heart transplant 6 years ago. 

Sami and I also served food at the Haines BBQ - for our little town.  I love that both my kids helped 'serve others' today.  Without a complaint.  They are awesome.  Jake even walked around in the crowd downtown with water bottles with one of the dads, and they came back empty.  I feel blessed that my young teens have hearts like this.  That they are willing to help out. 

And... at today's rodeo... Nine-thousand dollars was raised for the Bingham family.  90!  Yes!

God Bless America.  Happy Birthday to this great country of ours, and to the people who all make it what it is by helping others and giving so generously - their time, their dollars, their love, their hearts or their lives.

Here is a link to a website that is raising money for our friends:

Hearts for Binghams

Happy 4th my friends!
I am off to take a nap so I can 'stay up' for this evening's fireworks festivities!!