Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Clouds! (Cards, that is!)

One Layer Card

Inspired by Kiara's Challenge over at the Stamping Cafe, and the Hero Arts Blog!
The Hero Arts Blog turned 1 Year old!!!
Lots of great giveaways are going on all week!
Daily Stuff! Some times hourly!
Oh my....

And Kiara is giving away Blog Candy - but you have to make a one layer card!

Window Cloud Card
(The Clouds are in the inside of the card!)

So how about some more clouds? It seems very appropriate here in Eastern Oregon! It snowed all day! A spring snow, if you will.... Just blowing, and snowing, and blowing.. sticking for a while then melting... Crazy weather!

Anyway, I made a card with some of the scraps from the Cloud layout that I showed you last time! And I created a window, too! (the clouds are actually on the inside - your just looking 'through' the window to see them!)...

And, this week both the Hero Arts Blog and Kiara are having 'one layer card' challenges! Kiara's challenge ends at midnight tonight... The Hero Arts challenge ends Sunday at midnight...

One layer means: Only one layer of paper... That's it! You have to use inks, pens, etc... and be creative with those stamps! This is sooooo not my strong point! But, I gave it a shot! The saving grace is you can add buttons, ribbon, etc. Phew!

Thanks Hero Arts Blog Family for such a great fun year!!!!!!!!

And, thanks Kiara for the push to 'get 'her done'!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clouds Are the Windows to Heaven - Layout

Side View - See the Clouds and Sun?
Hero Arts Stamps... I love these super cute images!

A Peek at the Title and Journaling
(OK, I'm showing off my new groovy Making Memories Alpha Stickers!
And my super cute new stamps!!!)

Clouds Are Windows To Heaven - Layout
A layout for the Hero Arts 'Window' Challenge.
HA Stamps: CL270 Sky's the Limit,
CL137 Small Variety Alpha, CL288 Scallop Borders


It's Sunday, our last day of Spring Break.. Sigh... It's windy, snow flurries keep flittering about and it's approx. 33' degrees... Our Friday Boise trip was super duper fun! I picked up a few new goodies from Archivers.. they are featured on this layout!

The kids and Dick left here at 1pm to go to the Headquarters and work on some last minute projects. (Our ranch headquarters is 2 miles down the road!)

Sami is making a rabbit hutch, for the three rabbits that she got for Christmas and Jake is finally working on his Pine Wood Derby vehicle!

So, I have had 1 hour to myself!

Back to the Layout: I love love love this photo of Sami. It's from our 2007 Spring Break Road Trip - the part where we played in Chico, CA! The photo is on the banks of the Sacramento River, right at Scotty's Boat Landing... Oh the memories!

I went to Chico State and always love it when I can go back.. Such super duper memories of my college town... And, our 'old ranch' is just 1 hour from Chico - on the other side of the Valley, in Glenn County, CA. Stone Valley Ranch, where my husband lived for close to 40 years of his life!!!!

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Little Skiiers...

The skiers! After Their Ever So Fabulous Day!
Yeah, I'm mean. Look into the sun, kids! Kids?
What do you mean you can't see?
Poor Sami!

Heading Out with the Instructor
Sami and Jake had a 1 hour lesson.. that lasted 2 hours!
Heck what a deal!
Had I known that I would have gone off on my own and met them later!
Next time...

Getting Tips on Their Tips!
OK I made that up.
Beats me what he is saying..
I'm just zooming in and trying to not be the obvious Mother
with the Camera!

OK I Know - This Was Supposed to be Just the kids.
But the instructor just moved right in!!!!

I just wanted to have a photo of them standing up and smiling!-
just in case they didn't - smile or stand, later.
(As in - just in case they take after their accident prone father -
who refuses to go skiing ever again!
Don't ask him about skiing. He tells everyone who asks that I try to kill him when we go.
Dude! I'm not wearing your ski's! You are!)


This Photo is Just 'Mommy Proof' For My Kids
That Bikes Left Outside Are not Happy Bikes!
(and they are still out there, in the same position, a day later!)

Today was awesome!!

As most of you heard, yesterday a storm came in... All of our Spring cleaning chores and yard play came to a screeching halt! So, I made a nice big pot of lamb stew, and we watched the Twilight movie last night... The kids loved it!

(FYI: I tried to read the first book, but I just could not sink my teeth into it! Ha Ha! Get it? Sorry all you Twilight peeps! I'll just have to catch the flicks.)

Anyway, today we had scheduled on our Spring Stay-Cation list to go skiing! And boy were we lucky dogs! Man, are we good or what???? OH MY WORD! It was absolutely gorgeous! Sunny! And awesome snow! And the kids had the time of their lives!

I have to confess, this was their first time skiing. Horrid, I know. Heck, we live only 17 miles from the resort! But there always seems to be something that has to be done around here that keeps us from playing. Plus we have tons of snow here and can go snowshoeing right out the back 40... or get pulled behind a truck. We are so simple...

Anyway, when it was time to go I had to pull Jake off the hill ... poor kid. He was having so much fun!!!!! He just kept going back for more.

I am so glad they had a great experience!!

You will notice there are no Daddy photos. He refuses to go up to the hill. His ski days are over.

Tomorrow we are off to Boise... It's a meat delivery day... And some play time!

OH yeah baby... Olive Garden here we come! And, Starbucks!
And Archiver's. And Warmer Temperatures!!!

Oh my...
Big City Goodness...

One Happy Camper. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Houston! We have a Blizzard!

Star Log, March 25th.... 2009

5:41 pm

'You do not want to go outside, trust me', quipped the ever so observant Jake Sexton.

Folks.. We are on spring break. It's the middle of our Stay Vacation.

We have a list of spring projects to get done.

Right now, it is completely white outside, with big ol' fat flakes swirling around.

We have a snowstorm.

So.. With That. Tomorrow we are going ......


(So much for the garden prep)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scrappy Goodness!

Up Close View - Can You See the Stamping?

I stamped onto the three flowers on the left side with the Hero Arts
Italian Poetry Background Stamp
and, the pink scallop border on the right is one of the Hero Arts Scallop Borders.

Beauty - Layout for Photo Inspiration from the SNR Site
Lisa had a challenge over at SNR, but for the life of me,
I could not figure out how to upload this baby to their gallery!
(something about changing pixels - and I am so challenged!)

Layout supplies:
Patterned Papers: Jenny Bowlin Label (One of the Serendipity Kits), Basic Grey,
Making Memories Noteworthy Line (Past Serendipity Kit Kit)
Making Memories Journal Cards
Flowers (Past Serendipity Kit)
SU marker
Hero Arts Bling (pearls, gems)


I've been 'on a roll' in my scrappy world...

Saturday I was at an all day crop and made 7 pages in 7 hours. I'll have to take some photos and load them up to share! Most of them are from the Serendipity Kit that I get on a monthly basis. Lots of yummy goodies, and I tend to mix and match supplies (like above!)...

Anyway, this layout was for a challenge I saw yesterday on the SNR website. Lisa was the hostess, and let me tell you, she posted a photo of the most gorgeous Easter Dress that matched Sami's bedspread to a T!!!!! This is one of my favorite photos of Sami - I used it in a prevous layout for one of the Hero Arts challenges.

So, since I could not get it onto the SNR site, I loaded it to the Hero Arts site for the Spring challenge, and here on my blogster.

Happy Scrappin'!

And if you would like to check out the Serendipity Kits, just click right here!


Today's Spring Break Accomplishments
: Spring Cleaning! I spent time in the 'great room' cleaning the animal heads, big window sills, took down all the valance curtains, washed them and 1/2 are back up. Also cleaned the ceiling fan, and parts of the walls and ceiling and rock wall behind the woodstove. Keep in mind my ceiling is 20 feet high! I had to use my extended thingy and a chair - have a crook in my neck now! ...

Sami worked on her science fair experiment. Jake and Sami worked in the dog kennels.

I need to make an extra special dinner! We deserve it!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Is In the Air

Our spring break started this past Thursday night! Woo Hoo! Our entire household is on 'Spring Break' mode, meaning, the kids are out of school, I am doing my best not to work (although I have a few obligations to clients and potential clients!) and, as a family, we made a List of all the things we hope to get done... projects, places to go, etc.

So far we are having a GREAT vacation (one of those stay home but have fun things!)
  • Thursday was an absolutely great day for me (as my own boss - again!). I bopped around downtown, landed a new client, and just had fun!
  • Friday was 60 degrees (way out of our norm) - I spring cleaned - washed windows, etc. - had one of our restaurant clients come pick up a nice order, and the kids/husband branded calves and doctored heifers.
  • Yesterday was one of those on and off rainy days, but I was at an all day scrapbook event! I got 7 pages done in 7 hours... the kids and husband fixed the chicken house doors - and managed to make lots of messes in the kitchen!
  • Today, we woke to a new dusting of snow. It's yucky outside but it's a 'still in our jammies' day! OK. I'm the only one left in her jammies (3:30 pm)! Even though I did sneak in some housework -and marked some stuff off the list, I made the card shown above, and we are all just having a great lazy Sunday... Not so sunny - it's more of a blistery snow day!
Happy Spring to all of you!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winter Fest 09 - More Photos!

Trash To Treasure
Oops! I forgot to post the 'trash' part - meaning, my 'before' photo!
Anyway, I recycled a Easter Themed container (scrappy goodness)
and used some adorable Cornish Heritage Farms Stamps
to create a fun Easter Scene!
I also did some 'masking' with the bird houses...

(OK, these photos are in reverse! OOPS!)
(Click on photo to enlarge... )
This photo card is for the Pets Challenge and the Hero Arts Shaped Card Challenge.
It's actually a dog house. See that little stinker???
that is Bugsy. And he is 'so in the doghouse'!
He steals eggs from the chicken house, and anywhere he can find them in the yard.
Bad, bad, bad, super cute lovable doggy dog!

Front of Shaped Card
Peaking through the door!

Bugsy In the Dog House - Here He is!
(click to enlarge and see that guilty puppy face!)

Ok, the pet project featured Hero Arts Stamps, Buzz and Bloom Alpha Stamps
and a whole lot of Love Elsie goodies...
The rub ons were horrid! Must be too old... but dang they are cute!

U R A Star!
This one was for the Do It Again and Again Challenge - meaning, repetitive stamping
(creating a background - the blue and white)
and using it on your project, and the Die Cut challenge as well.
I used Hero Arts and Stampin' Up stamps
on this baby.
And of course, I didn't load my background paper shot!


The 2peas Winter Fest '09 ended at 9pm Sunday night... I was crankin' until 8:30 pm! Sami joined in, too! And let me tell you.. What a hang over! I was zapped on Monday! Why, it's Wednesday and the fog is finally lifting!! (Or is that from St. Patrick's Day???, details, details)

Oh my... What an awesome event! Such great challenges, such great eye candy, and what an inspiring week! That gallery is just rocking with gorgeous work! I feel so darn lucky to 'get to do' these things! Tee Hee!

So, I am sharing a few more of my creations... There are more... Seriously. I was so darn motivated! I see I have to update my blog and remove the banner... Oh my.. just like any event! Gotta take down the signs!

Hey! I 'won' two challenges! I'll share that in the next post... they warrant their own special air time!

Well, off to bed I go. The kids are asleep, and I am up past my bedtime!

Sweet Dreams...

Pinewood Derby? Anyone?


You all remember that gorgeous Wizard Hat of a Cake I made, right? For cub scouts?

well, the humility does not end...

Up next is the Pinewood Derby race.

'We' get to turn a block of wood into a race car.

'We' were sent home from the last cub scout meeting with a box, containing a block of wood and four wheels... That's it folks...

So, I decided to do a little online research....

Man! It's a racket! I can buy plans, tips for making the car 'The Winner', photos of cool paint jobs, accessories!

Oh. My. Word.

I'll take photos soon. I promise. After I get over my shock.

I just had to share.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Last Fall Sami was our lucky girl. She kept finding four leaf clovers, five leaf clovers, etc. Every day she would bring home a handful of treasures from the field were we were moving the heifers with hot wire!!!! I still have to scrap these babies.... I have lots of photos...

Tonight we are having corned beef, cabbage and red potatoes. My maiden name is Walsh after all! Love being a Black Irish gal. And a Mexican Gal. A super combo package!

Everyone is well equipped with 'green' accessories today - I have my green clogs, Sami has a shamrock necklace and super cute peasant shirt, and Jake has green cord pants, and a nice collar shirt with stripes.

Catch ya later!

Just a Quickie!!!

Hello friends!

It's 5:30 am... And I have already...
  • Printed my resume to drop it off with a job application today
  • Printed some special forms for a class I am taking today
  • Started coffee, cleaned the kitchen and snuck oh, 2 stretches in
  • Snuck in a couple emails/blog posts/blog surfs
  • Got the wood stove started
Lots going on!

Tomorrow is my last day at the job that just was not a good match! I was working for a financial planner. I thought it would be a slam dunk! I have a minor in Math, my dad was a CPA, and I was hired to do event planning and marketing ....things I am good at! Yet, the 'other duties as assigned' totally outweighed the job for which I was hired. Live and Learn.

The day I gave my notice, within an hour, I was offered a teaching job. Scrap booking and crafs. I am thinking about it. It would be very part time... As in a hobby gig...

Another job is available in the little town 7 miles from my casa! I would work for the very same people I facilitated a public meeting for! Hmmmm....

And, I am attending a day long Marketing class today.. My love! Next to Writing..

I have more goodies to share!

OK.. other than that... It snowed most of yesterday... Yet, too warm to stick.... It's 31 degrees right now... Please bring spring!

Gotta Run!

Just wanted to say howdy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Creations - WinterFest '09

My Entry for Godelieve's Short Card Challenge!
Stamps: Hero Arts and Cornish Heritage Farms
The card is the front of a regular card, folded in half.

One of My Cards for Becca's 'Bird' Challenge at 2Peas
and Anne's Keep it Simple Challenge
Stamps: Cornish Heritage Farms
Ribbon: A RAK from sweet Dawn!
Making Memories Patterned Paper

and Anne's Keep It Simple Challenge
and Sue's Embossing Challenge
Yes, a three in One!
Sue was very clever.. She would not let us use the most common embossing colors!!!
I had to dig deep into my stash...
The stamped image is from an Inkadinkadoo stamp
Patterned Paper is Making Memories

and Sue's Text Challenge
(And, those are two separate Sue's!)
Another three in one!
patterned paper is Making Memories

And This Baby???
This has been my favorite of the weekend.
This is for the Kelly's Don't Be Square Challenge - as in 'don't create a square card'.
Turns out, it fit just right in the Hero Arts 'shaped card' challenge this week!
Stamps: Cornish Heritage Farms (Super Cute Tree) , Hero Arts (Awesome Swirls and Stars in the Background - stamped with white ink - and a RAK from Jacqueline!!!!), Stampin' Up (all the circles, and sentiment).

A Side View
My card was created with 2 die cuts from SU.
I really need a die cut machine!!!
(Can you hear the cricut chirping and calling my name???
Hello? Hello? Cricut? It that you???)


I apologize for the 'flood' of creations! I am so bad at posting one card at a time! I admire those of you that savor your creations, one at a time....

Above are my creations from this past weekend for the 2peas Winter Fest 2009 Event being held on the Stamping Board... (it lasts until this Sunday!!!). Several of us are hosting various challenges to kick our creative juices into over drive... I tell ya, those girls are just amazing! LOTS of great work being shared in the 2Peas Stamping Gallery!

So, if you have time and want to play there are 4 days left! YES! I'm hosting the Little Houses Challenge... I am on a little house kick and see them everywhere!!!!

Thanks for Visiting!
Take Care!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!! March 10th Notes

So, Once again I have lots to catch up on and share...

First, the personal stuff.

I went to the eye doc yesterday morning... Had my eye exam, and they found a hemorrhage in my left eye. Joy.

So, after driving home with sunglasses and being blinded by the snow... I slept off the dilated pupil thing, and went back to town, for a doctor's appointment to talk about the hemorrhage.

Eye Doc said leading causes are: Diabetes and High Blood Pressure (don't have the 2nd one, not sure about #1).

Mr. Scary Doc said it's most likely my High Cholesterol - while looking at lab results that are FIVE years old!

So, this morning, after fasting for 13 hours, I was in the blood lab having blood drawn.

Hope to hear tomorrow wazzzzupppp!!!!

I'm not worried.. I mean, it's only my cranium right? I mean the eyeball is connected to the big ball!

The Biggest Muscle that lives up there and controls everything.... so, uh, anyone ever had this happen????

Other happenings:

24 viewing is tonight (we record it - don't stay up that late in the real world)

It's snowing... again.. basically been snowing since Sunday, in little spurts... 3 inches here and there.

I have lots to share from the 2peas Winterfest challenges!!!! I'm doubling them up for the Hero Arts challenge this week, too. I'll post them separately.

Our Spring break is in less than 2 weeks!!!!! Roadtrip!!!!

I can't wait to get out of dodge. I need sunshine.. Warmth... Pals... Gal Pals...

And - I saw a job advertised that looks very interesting...

Catch you later!
Gotta cook dinner for the Indians... Shrimp Stirfry... baby...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Notice Anything Different?

I added the Hero Arts Blinkie...over there, on the left...

But, um, it's not blinking...

I'll deal with that later, gater...

But, you CAN click on it and go straight to the Hero Arts Blog where there's something new and fun just about every single day of the week!

See ya!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ranch Related News

Tomorrow is my monthly Sexton Ranches Grass Fed Natural Lamb & Beef delivery day... I posted some photos and 'info' on the ranch blog.

Before I hook you up with a link, thought I would share some 'info'.

We have added eggs to our bag of tricks... Naturally raised chickens, who roam free (to my gardening and gorgeous back deck's dismay)... happy fat and sassy chickens...

Our chickens are darn lucky the dogs haven't eaten them (well, I take that back.... we have lost a couple to the evils of young dogs...as in MY FAVORITE HEN GOLDIE!)

Anyway, often 5 or 6 will sneak into a dog kennel to snatch dog food - with a dog in the kennel! Death wish! I didn't say they were the smartest chicks on the planet... As a matter of fact, one keeps laying eggs under my itty bitty wooden chair decor by the front door - then a dog comes and steals the egg.

Loose Dogs and Loose Eggs are an issue around here... 'Bugs' has been caught sneaking into the chicken house and stealing eggs! Just like his mother Maggie... But, we forgive him.. He is a cutiepie, how can we not love a dog that actually sits in the middle of all the younger chickens and just 'hangs out' like a guard dog! He hasn't eaten a live one (yet?), so he is forgiven...he also hangs out by Sami's goat Olive and calf Star..

So, I thought I would share some Chick-A-Wah photos, and what Spring looks like around here...

Oh.. Speaking of Spring, we got hit with a storm last night.. Crazy... At 4:45 pm I was watching HUGE flakes flowing down - then a sideways wind hit... 1 inch in gosh, 20 minutes?

It stopped, so we went to the school for the Dr. Seuss program... I was sitting on the fence on driving in a storm...

Then, when we left the school after the program - it was a blizzard! GADS...

No Spring...


Here is a link to the ranch blog post!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Testing!!! Winterfest Banner!!!

Guess what's coming to 2 peas!

WinterFest 2009!!! Starting this weekend..

If you love to stamp, come on over! ALL abilities are welcome! We will have some challenges and it's a great way to get your creativity going!

I will be hosting a 'Little Houses' Challenge... I have a post over there at my 2peas Blog with all the details... and I will be starting a challenge thread this Friday on the Stamping Board... Here is the Blog Post to give you a head start: 2Peas 'Little Houses' Blog Post

Here's a link to the Master Thread: WinterFest 2009 Stampin' Peas

Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

UBO: OTAY! Who's 'Ready' to Pea Their Pants????

So! You guys are GREAT at the guessing game! Gotta love ya! I mean, so many super duper close ones - you make me feel like I have, well, a smidgen of baking talent!

And, two of you DID get it!!!!! Keeneye! And Anne! I am so impressed!!!

Are you ready for my ever so embarrassing display of horrid cake making skills (again)????

THIS is what I was trying to make! (Be sure to read the directions - you need a mental picture of WHAT THE HECK I was trying to do!).... followed by what I did, of course....

I'll give you few minutes... Let it really sink in...



Let's not forget that THIS is how it turned out!!

OMG... What a trial that was...

Do you watch 24 by any chance? It's one of my faves...

So, for you fans.

The following events occurred between the hours of 3:45 pm and 5:30 pm, Thursday, February 26th. (aka one of the longest 'almost 2 hours' of my life)....
  1. It was a long day already... got up at 4 am, as mentioned previously to do the chili, make kid lunches, get ready for work, do outside chores, and split at 7:15 am ... followed by an 'eventful' spat at work... and back home at 3:45 pm...
  2. After assessing the 'tools' situation, I realized I did not have any food dye in the house! When the heck did I decide to throw out my 20 year old supply????? CRUD!! (the store is 17 miles away, 1 way... can't go down that road!)... So, I took some blue fancy decorating crystals and added water, and added some of that to my white icing... oopsy... a little runny...
  3. I do have those fancy Pampered Chef glass cooking measuring cups the recipe hinted at... I used a 6 cup one.. no time to mess with the 2 cup and 4 cup.. That was way too many extra building blocks. Then, like a complete Dorkasaurus, I burned my hand because I forgot the thing was HOT sitting on that cooling rack! Hello! There was a handle begging to be held! Note: This is why mixing containers should not be used as cooking containers... It's a mind game.. Same thing happens to Mr. Sexton when he puts salad dressing into an Olive Oil jar - way too much comes out! Expecting different results...
  4. After I baked the cake I had to speed things up a bit. I mean, the cake was hot, even after I gave it a 10 minute or so ice bath (container within a container) ... When I removed the cake from the bowl, a good chunk of one side remained behind, stuck to the bowl.. oops... a crater!
  5. Assembling the ice-cream cone and waffle bowl was just a big fat joke... HELLO! How do you get such perfect sides on those babies????
  6. So, I started the decor process anyway ... The icing was slipping down, creating a pool around the thing...I was facing a deadline..after all. One of my precious hours had already passed! No time to just let it all chill!
  7. Sami came to my rescue.. She decided we just needed to decorate the crud out of it.. fill the crater and add all the sprinkles ... we really wanted to make the sweet little star and moon cookies and glue them on with icing... sorry, no time! Maybe when we have three days to kill and do it right! And speaking of props, Sami would NOT let me use the wand I made her 2 years ago.. a super cute thing with a star on top - a perfect 'wand' prop that would have been awesome next to the hat cake - she said it was a Princess thingy... not for Wizards... RATS...

So, there you have it... My Wizard Hat!

You see, Jake LOVES anything do do with Wizards..He is addicted!

So Keeneye's Harry Potter guess was very very very 'spot on' as well as Anne's RIGHT ON THE NAIL guess!!!

Love all you guys for giving me some cake love....


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do You Know What THIS Is??? UBO - Audience Participation Required

I'm on a roll, now.

With my posts.

Catching Up, filling in the gaps, going for 'it'. (Thanks for the advice!)


Can you identify the Unidentified Baked Object?

Here are a few hints:
  1. It made it's appearance Thursday Night at my son's Blue & Gold Banquet
  2. No, it was not made by a child. I made that creation - and, on purpose!
  3. I left work 3 hours early (to some irritated supervisory staff members dismay) to come home, Bake A Cake, and go back to town to attend a big event -for something very special, in my son's life. A mommy sacrifice. Believe me, someone actually said to me, very angrily 'You're leaving early to bake a cake??? There's more to that story, let's leave it for now.
  4. My son had a particular request - I tried to make his little boy dreams come true.
  5. Think, somewhere between Martha Stewart and Sharon Osborn - in terms of my ability when it comes to baking anything that requires 'working outside' the cake box! Building materials, and props, are not my forte in the kitchen.
  6. It was a HUGE hit with the under 9 age set! My son will be ten soon. He was a skeptic. ALL the little kids wanted to touch it and eat it. Several wanted to 'win that cake'!

Because of #5, my reputation was saved, intact. And we drove home AFTER the event very happily...

Yet, along our drive to said banquet, the following conversation occurred:

Me: Jake, we can leave it in the car if you really don't like it.
Jake: No, that's OK Mom, (I swear I can hear his eyeballs rolling), It's Fine.
Sami: I'll take it in! (Very enthusiastically, coming from the chief decorator's ball court)
Sami: 'Mom? Are you crying?'
Jake: (I can see him through my rear view mirror, popping up to see if I am indeed crying). He must be thinking 'uh oh'. He carried it in. I carried the chili.

Yes, Chili. Another Chili event. (school chili feed was Feb. 6th). I also got up at 4am to prep the chili and put all the ingredients in a crock pot so it would be ready for the event - because, well, I am now a super duper working mom!

And, because of #5, I was the Mom of the Night (well, for some)...

So go ahead, take a guess. What WAS I trying to make?

I'll post the 'look alike' along side this photo in the next post.