Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The RAK of the Century! I Just Can't Hold Out!!


I have seen links all over blogland for a super duper awesome RAK... And I just can't contain myself any longer!

This gal, is celebrating her one year anniversary in blogland and has 62,000 hits...

Dang she's good!

So, if you are a stamper or scrapper and want to try and get your hands on her ever so awesome loot... go to this place.

Debbie's Awesome Blog RAK!!

Amazing stuff! Good Luck!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Back from the Retreat - And A Hair Cut

I'm Back!!!
The retreat was wonderful.
We stay at a State Camp Ground.
There was still snow, and it was 'cold cold cold' in the mornings!!!

While I was at the retreat, I made this Album!
This is a BoBunny Chipboard album, that I altered.
It's my Christmas Past, Present, and our Traditions book!
Yep. All filled up! I got it done!
Super fun.... The papers are Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, Making Memories, Little Yellow Bicycle, and all sorts of embellies, stamped goodies, and fun stuff!

I also got a few other layouts done.

Apparently I hardly sit down when I scrap.
I stand and really don't notice it at all.
All day and night.
One of the gals commented
I guess I was making her tired!
The funny thing is, my partner stood too!
We were well matched, I'd say!

After a while I was just slapping photos to paper.
That's when I decided I was done!

While on Retreat... We had some treats
Big girl drinks.... the 'bar' opened at 3pm - daily.
Whole lotta special concoctions were getting made...
Serious cocktails!
The Strawberry Margaritas were a hit!
Basically, it was a caffeine/sugar/cocktail's induced event.
I drank more soda on this trip than I do in an entire year!
One each day. Dr. Pepper. Full lead.
Super Tasty.
In addition to coffee.
With M&M's as a chaser.

Vodka, anyone?
In my little world, there is only one flavor of Vodka.
And it really does not have a flavor!
Geeze.. These girls are serious!

The retreat was awesome. I had my own cabin.
You could tell which mom's wanted some 'just me alone at night' time.
That would be those of us who had our own cabins.

Since I am an early riser, I was in charge of unlocking our building, and plugging in the coffee pot.
I could deal with that! The first morning I arrived at the door at somewhere close to 5am. It was still dark.
The next, I arrived about 6 am.
I kept getting later, and later!
Each morning after I plugged in the coffee pot I went and hit the showers which were in a separate building.

Ever showered at a state campground when it's about 25 degrees?
Dang those tiled rooms are cold! Brrrr.
So, after my shower I went back to my ever so toasty cabin, and crawled back into my sleeping bag. And took a little morning nap!
Oh it was nice... Then back to the building about 7:30 or 8am...or 8:15am...

Our breakfast was at 10 am, dinner at 5pm.
That was it! All the other times we scrapped, snacked, laughed, etc.
I actually stayed up until am Saturday morning/Friday night!
Oh my!!!!
My bedtime is usually 8 am.

I am still detoxing the sugar out of my system!
And, trying to get back into the saddle, again.


Hair Cut Anyone?
Sami's Hair

The After Shot
Sami and I have had on going discussion about her hair...
She does not like to brush her hair, and
she does not like anyone else to brush her hair.
She has had a 'rat's nest' at the back of her ponytail for quite some time.
Finally, we both reached our limit.
'Cut it now' was what I heard.
So I did.
Last night was 'cut it' night.
Obviously, cutting hair is not my strong point.
It needs some professional help.
That's the next step.
But, at least now, she can brush it.

This is the 'before' shot.
I know... long gorgeous hair.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going Un-Plugged!

Hi all..

I am leaving today for a scrappy retreat and won't be back till Sunday!

The 'hood' I will be playing in is actually in the woods.. A campground.. That's how us 'rural' gals roll!

So, until we meet again...

Have a great next few days!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am One LUCKY LUCKY Girl!

Check this out!

Why I was so excited this morning when I was blog hopping....

I can not believe it!! This is huge in my little world of 'not a die cut machine anywhere' in my house!

I've been eying the Big Shot for so long - it does it all!!!!!!!!!!! And came so close to 'buying it' earlier from my SU friends! (Sue and Wendy)... But money has been tight at Casa de Sexton...

Thank You Simply HandMade & Northridge Media!

This is the best early birthday/mother's day gift a girl can get - from friends!!!!!!!

OH my!

OH my!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy giddy giddy dance!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

OH my Gosh! I'm The Featured Layout of the Day!!


You're going to think I am crazy!

I was just peaking over at the Hero Arts flickr group, doing my break-time surfin' and there was a thread started that said 'Guess who is the featured layout of the day at 2peas? RrlScrapGal (Andi)'!!!


Knock me over, Rover!!!

2peas is the place for all things scrappy, stampy, chatty and just plain shopping fun!!! Awesome classes.. I'm lovin' the Educational Board and Stampin' Board (always!)...

Thank Goodness I used Hero Arts Stamps in the layout! Now THAT would have been embarrassing! Tee Hee!

So, here it is: The link! Click that baby, and follow the link to go to the card in life size format!

BTW, the card, was a two-fur, one for this weeks Hero Arts challenge (to create our own message) and also for this week's Week2 Stamp Camp on the Educational Board - to use Alpha stamps!


Thanks Hero Gal Pals!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Celebrations!

Isn't This the Cutest Card?
It came with a special gift from my Cousin Guy!
Thanks Guy!
The book is a hit!
His friend/student illustrated a beautiful children's Easter Book!

This is what 2 nights of 'no sleep' looks like - Scary Larry!
(Do not enlarge this photo! You will be knocked
back out of your chair by the luggage under my eyes!
And, I did not shower. Yep. My family REFUSED to WAIT!)
Darn those egg hunts before noon on a Sunday!
(Sorry, Sunday is my lazy PJ day!)

Easter Egg Hunt #2 - Back Yard
(starting to green up!)
Sami's fashion boots?
Irrigation Boots/Mud Boots
A necessity in every ranch girl's wardrobe!
And boys, moms and dads!

Sami getting Assistance from the Chickens!
The chickens were hilarious. They would find the plastic eggs and peck them,
and they followed the kids everywhere!
Good thing they did not peck the real eggs!

Sami's Bunnies Came out To Play Yesterday
Along with the rest of the managerie
Click to enlarge and see the 'free bunny' moving around!

These guys are fast!
Not a good idea to have more than 1 running loose!

Easter Egg Hunt #1
Cool Cabin, eh?

Easter Egg Hunt #1
Our little town of Haines has an awesome hunt at the park!
Sami's on the Left - Go Sami!

Tonight's Dessert Hot Cross Buns!
(Let's skip dinner, OK?)
I picked this baby up in La Grande (30 miles away) when I did deliveries on Wednesday.
I gave the owner/baker a dozen of our fresh eggs.
(Too bad I didn't get a discount or a trade deal!)
An d, darn, it! Somethin' fell on the box and squished the frosting!


It's 5pm and we still aren't finished with our Easter Celebrations!

Easter is a very hectic time around Casa de Sexton...

First, there are the Easter Deliveries! Lamb and eggs are a big hit, uh, Easter, ya know? Wednesday I drove to Baker and La Grande, snuck in an egg delivery on Thursday in Baker, Friday to Boise, and Yesterday back to Baker, again... dang!

Now, toss my car problems into the 'driving' mix!
It's sitting at the shop.. It's been there since Thursday! Not sure when I'll get my 241,000 mile 'road warrior baby' back! Somethin' about the bearings in two different places...(transfer case, and differential - yup. In the four digit cost category)... Not the wheel area.. that was diagnosed at the first shop, which sent me to the 2nd shop and told me 'no driving' because my car would be dead on the road when 'i't decided to stop!
Ha ha ha ha!
But heck, no one could tell me when my car would drop dead! Typical Doctors... Do they know where I drive? NO MANS LAND!!! So, I'm playing it safe and letting them have it, and driving 'ranch rigs' until it's repaired.

So,anyway, my knight in shining armor picked me up Thursday evening, and then we had to pick up Jake who was stranded at Cub Scouts wondering where the heck his mother was (why yes, I do have a cell phone, but it's a new phone! let's not discuss the cell phone issue - new carrier, new phone (not my choice!), and I did not have my car with my directory!)...

Anyway, my husband gave me his gorgeous rig the following day. He even cleaned it! Boy cleaning style (windows clean, dashboard clean...) (Big Fat Smooch!) I drove my husband's Big Ol' Diesel Dodge Ram Truck to Boise.. 5 hour round trip thank you very much...which was actually fun! People do not know what the heck a chick is doing driving a big ol' truck with that big ol' grill on the front and the awesome aluminum tool box and fancy goose neck hitch...I was stylin... except when I try to go into reverse... hard gear to find!! Tee Hee!

Then Saturday arrived. Dang. Dick took the fancy truck for his own hauling trip and I had the flatbed to drive the kids to an Easter Egg hunt in Haines (7 miles away), then pick up another kid, then I had to drive the bucket of bolts down the highway to 'town' (17 miles away) to make a delivery. The flatbed is ugly. It's slow. And it's definitely the ranch rig. It looks like it has hit just about everything that has crossed it's path! HA!

Then, on top of the whole rig situation - Sami woke me up Friday night with ear ache #1, then again last night with ear ache #2. Dang... Dangity dang dang! Poor little munchkin! Needless to say, we both had sleepless nights. But she is her happy self during the day.. We will see how tonight goes. The good news? The moon was gorgeous at oh, 11 pm, and 2 am. and 6am!!!

Anyway, needless to say.. by the time Easter arrived, well, I felt worn out, run over, and that I had finished my Easter duties...

Uh, apparently not!

So, we had Easter Egg hunt #2 - in the yard.. and a great brunch featuring deviled eggs, potatoes and lamb sausage with eggs... (whole lotta eggs now with 70 hens!)...

And, tonight? Lamb Kabobs! Asparagus! More Deviled Eggs! And the Easter Hot Cross Buns...

Just give me the dessert, will ya?

Thanks be to God for the Resurrection... Thanks be to God for Renewal and Everlasting Life.


Peace be with you..

(ps. I had to come back and edit all my typos! Boy!)

Once Upon A Time - CaardVarks Fantasy Challenge

My Entry for the CaardVarks Fantasy Challenge!

I discovered a new place to play! It's the CaardVarks Blog. The April 5th challenge is to post a card for the 'Good Knight' Challenge - a card that has a fantasy theme.

Actually, to be told, I have lurked and googled at all the cool creations the design team posts, at this place, and NOW I know some of the new DT members! Hello Girls from the Hero Arts playground!!! Yeah! So, I am inspired to play along with them...

Card Ingredients:
Stamp: Purple Onion Design - (Flourish) stamped in Ranger Distress Aged Mohagany, then I traced over it with a Spica Pen to give some bling.
PP: DCWV - Once Upon a Time Stack; and DCWV chipboard embellies. ('The Fantasy' is below the ribbon)
Ghost Butterfly: Heidi Swapp
Ranger Distress Stickles (on the butterfly)
Hero Arts Pearls (on the butterfly)
Ribbon: SU
Ring 'Crown with Cross' Charm - a RAK!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Want to Win a DieCut Machine????? I DO!!

OK fellow diecut wanna be's.... here's our BIG CHANCE!!!

I know.... right up my poor little 'no die cut machine in da house' alley! Wow!!!

The mother ship is calling my name! A RAK of all RAKS!

So here are the deets...

I subscribe to two awesome pubs.. CARDS and Simply HomeMade! Well, the Simply HomeMade magazine has a blog (take that back, they both do!) and, you have to go to THIS BLOG POST to enter to win the Big Shot or Silhouette!!!! Oh my! But, you do have to leave some details about certain specific dies found on page 69 of the current Simply HomeMade magazine!!!!

I'm in! So GLAD I am a subscriber! It's in my hot little hands right now!

You can play, too! Go get that issue!

Sweet Spring Sunday!

Riding Back Home
(Just take a right at the road!)

A Perfect Combo of Our Life
Biking on the Ranch - gotta dismount and play!

Oh I love my Sundays....

Sunday was a blustery springish day. The sun was out, and the kids and I went for a bike ride. Brr! Talk about a cold ride! We parked the bikes and then walked along the Tally Dobbin Lane - on the ranch.

I loved every moment! I played with catching photos and the kids explored.

We saw two hawks courting.

A flicker

Owl Pellets

A Wild Rose with a few buds peaking through

A grainery tree (where flickers stash their goods)

It was heaven....

Followed by some super fun craftyness...

I Love Sundays...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome Spring! (CHF Acetate Card)

Welcome Spring
Front of Acetate Card
(Featuring Spring Trees stamp set by Kim Hughes for
Cornish Heritage Farms!)
I'm not sure who makes the patterned papers... But I've had them
for a while and they are so so fun!
You can also see a Jenny Bowlin Bingo card peeking through...

Back when we had the Winterfest Event on 2peas I won a challenge sponsored by Becky! Her RAK was a stamp set from Cornish Heritage Farms and I just had to get the Spring Trees set! I just 'heart' all of Kim Hughes stamps and this one has been on my wish list for a while! Yippee! My new stamp set arrived last week and finally after 'the week of deadlines and events' I had an excuse to use them!!!! I love Sundays....

So! It just so happens there is a challenge going on at the Cornish Heritage Farms 'Farm Fresh'
get creative blog and the theme is Easter/Spring.

So, I cut my rubba last night, and today got some play time while the rest of the house took their after lunch napsters. BTW, we all take naps!

I hope all of you are having a super duper Spring Day - and blessed Palm Sunday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coming Up for Air! Phew!

I've been buried under the computer all week! My eyeballs are burning! My brain is spinning!

We have two events this weekend where we are promoting our Ranch Products and gosh, I am spinning my poor itty bitty brain wheels!

I need a clone. Make that several. One that can be the mom and help with the school stuff, the other that can manage the house - beast that it is, another that can deal with the 'restaurant' I seem to be running here (my tummy is growling), and of course, the business chick that has been crankin' it out and trying to get ready for the markets, the events, and Spring! It's all coming to a head!

Tomorrow night we are at one Art Related Venue (if you click on the link, open their Newsletter and read about us!) and I've been updating our brochures, newsletter, egg carton design, and other pub materials! I even boiled a bunch of our eggs and the kids and I will decorate them to be on our info table. This is to debut our Pasture Poultry Eggs, and our Lamb for Easter. The folks at the venue will be sampling Rack of Lamb, Lamb Shoulder Steaks, and Lamb and Beef salamis. And, toward the end of the evening, they can take home the decorated eggs!

And, I am also at a 2-day small business workshop/fair, again, starting tomorrow. For about 2 hours I'll be 'cloned' and in two places at once... and I need to prep a few things for that event also! I volunteered to bring some snacks to promote our salamis. So, I need to make some pretty platters, display our business cards and other promo materials...

Let me tell you. When it rains, it pours! When it snows it blows!

Yep. Snowing Again!

I wish my cousin Deb was here! Deb recently finished her culinary schooling in SF, and is so darn talented! She loves lamb and wine and has an awesome sense of humor! I need that... And, she also has some very cool numerology skills I'll be sharing with you in another post. I need to get more info from her.

Anyway, I promise to take photos of our displays and the events and post them.

I also need to share some photos from Sami's Science Fair last night! Too darn Cute!

And, a few layouts I have been hiding from you!

Thanks for hearing me out. It helps.

Here's a link to the Ranch Blog with more details....