Sunday, May 7, 2023

Bridal Shower for Sami, May 6 2023

The full moon going down at 4:30 am! 

If you know me, you know I get up at the crack of dawn. And, if I have a project/event? It's go go go!

Yesterday was that day for Sami's bridal shower. I got up at 4:30 am and I was 'at it' until 5:30 pm - but then I changed clothes and went to another event, got home close to 10pm, and poof! Today? I'm recovering....

But, back to the bridal shower! 

Sami's future MIL - Liz was a great help. She ordered some beautiful cupcakes to match Sami's wedding colors. She also brought a mimosa bar! Both were a hit! Along with petunias for the guests to take home. 

I provided the venue, did the invites, managed all the responses, arranged the games, prizes, etc. And decorated. Getting the house ready was my biggest challenges, since, well, it needed a good spring cleaning. Inside, and out. 

Thank you to all the ladies (15) that came to celebrate this special day. We even had Lane's 'Aunt Vickie' who drove from Vancouver, Washington, aunt Becky from the Tri Cities area, Liz, her daughter Lindsay, and Lindsay's mother-in-law who all drove 2 hours each way to be here. 

My family? It's just me here in Oregon. My sister Paula, who lives in Missouri, helped me with the centerpiece. 

Early morning decoration making... I ordered the sign some time ago!

Tissue Paper Flowers - before, and after

I also ordered a sash (Bride to Be) and robe for Sami. 

Love the flowers!
These match the ones she wants for her wedding


The beautiful cupcakes!

Liz - Sami's future Mother in Law!

The bride to be and her fiancé Lane
Thank you Liz, for raising such a kind hearted man! 

One last shot of those lovely cupcakes! 

Week in the Life - Thursday, April 28, 2023

 Thursday was one of my favorite days!

It was a lovely. Warmer than the other days.

I actually made a post on Instagram with my words and photos:

Here they are:

1. I've been starting my days with the Hallow podcast. Trying to expand my knowledge and spiritual journey.
2. A beautiful flower on my office desk. (Ever since Phil was diagnosed with Cancer, I have flowers delivered every other week). 
3. Workout stash at my office. Teaching a morning stretch class at 630am.
4 Traveled 1.5 hours to a  dermatologist doc appointment. I had a mole removed from the bridge of my nose the week prior. 
5. Shopped for toilet seats. Geeze. Did not measure beforehand. Will need a do-over. This is for the 'Baker House' we are fixing up as a rental. 

6. First car wash of the season! Fancy place in Ontario with attendants!

7. Kittens, 10 days old
8. Created a few fun stenciled card panels - a new favorite dish cloth was used as inspiration.
9. In the garden! Asparagus peaking it's head!
10. Evening walk with Tommie.

Not captured:
1. I made a garlic butter shrimp pasta dinner so Phil had something to eat when he got home, late, from golfing.
2. Fields got ditched!
3. Bought lots of blue and white flowers for the back deck. Looking forward to yard time!
4. Started a documentary about Judy Blume. Wow! I only read her 'Are you there God...' book. I'm adding Key West to my bucket, for several reasons. She is my new hero.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Week in the Life - Wednesday, April 26 2023

What were Wednesday's highlights?

Walked Tommie before work.
Walked with Sami and Duke during my lunchbreak

And, at work we had a hosted a public meeting in response the the outcry from neighbors of a house we bought intended as an Oxford House. To be honest, only two people were really upset. Which caused a whole community discussion. Especially on social media.  And of course one of those persons' was in the audience and he refused to sign in,  and he was so disruptive through out the meeting that it made my heart race! Ug...

The good? Total steps were: 7,745. My daily goal is 6,000.

Now, for Wednesday's photos:

Capturing Phil's morning route.
He sits in bed, with his coffee and computer 

Yes, it's Spring. Yes, it's going to be a beautiful day.
But this is how it starts! 26 degrees

See? Lovely day later. No shoes! These are our peonies... 
Sloowwwww growing

Morning capture of Sassie Kittie to the right of the door
She's actually on Tommie's old bed

Lunch time walk - never went this way on the path!

Lunch time walk with Duke and Sami Jo.
She is leash training him.
He's a big puppy!

From my morning walk with Tommie.
This is one of the ditches Phil burned yesterday

Morning walk with Tommie.
This photo was taken in our yard, facing East!

Lovely backyard!

The flower beds are ready for planting!

Our one bulb... 

If you look real hard, you can see Phil at the BBQ.
He is wearing his chemo ball pack.
This is our life. 

Week in the Life - Tuesday... April 25th, 2023

So, of all the days this past week (I started writing this later, on Friday), Tuesday was my 'strange' day.

It was strange in that I was having very odd muscle or vein spasms. They were 'throbbing'. I could 'feel' them, and see the pulsing in my arm. They started in my knee the week before, then moved to my left arm on Sunday, and then to left side of my neck, on Tuesday. That's when I panicked.  

I felt like something was wrong. And it was worse in the morning. I wasn't thinking clearly, and my head was tingling... similar stuff happens when I get a migraine. I did have a pain behind my left eye. 

I visited our office MA's, and they said it sounded like my circulation system was 'odd', like a pinched nerve somewhere. I wasn't having chest pains, so not a heart issue. 

So, I went to the Doctor, to get checked out. He couldn't find anything obvious. No pain, no bad headache, all my reflexes were good, etc. etc. etc. He ordered a Cat Scan, which still has not been scheduled by the hospital... Gotta love Rural Health Care. 

So far, no answers. And I now, am 'back' to me. 

It's as if I had some sort of episode. and, it was all on the left side of my body too. 

Makes me, well, freaked out. 


OK, so on to Tuesday.

Other highlights (as if the above wasn't enough):
  • It was Phil's Chemo Day... this happens 1.5 hours away. Again, rural living. 
  • Phil burned the borrow ditches along the highway when he got home.
  • Well, the fire caught a wooden fence post - a railroad tie actually. And he did a few trips taking gallons of water to it. I wanted to help! So I loaded up two buckets in the back of my car. And yes, they did slosh around. Whatever 
  • A neighbor called later, after we we cozy on the couch and watching a show, about the 'fire'. He had go out again... 
  • Today was Johnnie's first birthday. Katie's 2nd child. Phil forgot to call her. Even though he was reminded a couple of times. Chemo brain. Or just plain 'I'm doing other things' brain. 
We are both having memory issues right now!

photos from the day.... 
Tuesday's Dinner was burritos. I cooked.
Love the message at the bottom of the Tillamook cheese bag!
To see these photos larger, just click on them

Drive home? Led Zeppelin 
(I just noticed my photos are in reverse!)

I love that the weather is finally warmer! Wearing no sleeves and my fun shoes.
At work I wear a sweater over my shirt. 

Doctor's Office

During lunch on Monday I got a great salad from a favorite coffee shop!
I didn't get a photo of the salad. 
This is from their IG account. 

My daily grind. This is my work calendar for the week.  
I leave home at 6am, and get back about 4:30 pm.
Typically. Depends on meetings, etc. 

And my personal calendar to jot those crazy thoughts
I get throughout the day. I was documenting the health stuff on one side,
Sami's wedding stuff on the other side

My fun shoes! Pink Rothy's
So happy to have exposed skin again, meaning,
not living in Smartwool sox or boots

Phil has been working on our yard
Look how lovely it is!
I cleaned out the flower beds. 
They are on my 'to do' list!

Bridal Shower for Sami, May 6 2023

The full moon going down at 4:30 am!  If you know me, you know I get up at the crack of dawn. And, if I have a project/event? It's go go...