Monday, November 30, 2009

Sami's Bunnies! Just in Time for Christmas!

Sami's First Bunny Customer!

With one of the bunnies

Sami is selling bunnies!

Here is the info... (she made the flier herself)....

Dutch Bunnies for sale!!!

Just In Time for Christmas!

Make perfect presents for the holidays. Also great for 4-H projects! If you are interested in these adorable creatures, call Sami (note: I deleted the phone number. If you are interested, email Andi:))

We have 4 that are ten weeks old (two boys, two girls), and 5 that are seven weeks old (all girls!).

Parents are pedigreed.

Cost: $17 each. HOLIDAY SPECIAL: 2ND BUNNY ½ OFF!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Book Review - A Thousand Splendid Suns

I finished this book about three days ago...

Yes, it was a good book, but also very disturbing.

Have any of you read it?

I had my first cry right in the first chapter.

It is the most disturbing account of how women are treated like possessions/dirt/dogs/the lowest of the low.

I don't care about the whole historical, political and cultural 'reasons' that give excuses.

Crimes are crimes.


So... I need a new book. Something fun. Uplifting. Something that will make me happy.

Because this book, was not on my 'A' list!

Please.. Help a girl out!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28th 2009 - A Beautiful Day - Mind Wanderings

The Elves of Baker City Copy Ship & Mail
(I'm the tallest! Go figure! I'm actually 5'5")
All things are relative.
This is the place I work - part-time.
My boss is in the blue.
I work 4-10 hours a week and have applied for 3 other jobs.
I accepted one offer.
My boss loves me!
She still puts me into all the ad photos -
even though I am now just temporary.

Yes. This ad is in all the local print media.
It's official. I am an elf.
An elf, among elves.
Short elves.


Today - November 28th, Saturday

Boy. Yesterday sure was a Thanksgiving 'food hangover'. It took forever to get motivated! And let me tell you... Lamb Sandwiches are not the same at Turkey Sandwiches... nada. no way Jose.

Move Critique:
The kids and I went and saw New Moon last night. For $40 (3 tickets, 2 boxes of candy, 2 bags of popcorn, 3 little sodas), I think we should have just waited until it came onto pay per view. And, might I say, that Bella Chick needs to get herself a hobby? My gosh. Her life revolves around men! Not the role model I would want for my strong, smart, clever, gorgeous daughter. Repeat. Smart. (she's reading over my shoulder right now). OH! And how about Edward? For crying out loud! MUST he constantly pose and have that darn snarl and half lidded stare on his face all the time? He needs to run, play, laugh! And get a job. Another lousy role model for my smart, handsome, witty, clever, and funny son. OK.. Now onto Jacob. Oh my... Mama likes wolves. GGRRRR! Dark and handsome. Ever so cute smile. Too bad they cut 'his hair'. Yet, Sami tells me how long your hair is, is how long your hair is on your wolf form (again, she's here helping me with this post). Yet, he is a bit young. However, he has skills. Repairs things. He at least has a future!
OK.. Movie critique by 47 year old woman is now over.

  • Started the day at about 1am. Insomniac! Got up, cleaned the kitchen (too lazy last night), read through the sale inserts, got online. Back to bed until 6am.
  • It's gorgeous outside. The kids went to town with me while I had my car aligned, and gee, we noticed my tire was getting flat, too! Good Timing. Tire had a nail.
  • We spent an hour at Betty's Books.. while the car was getting aligned... Favorite part of the day
  • Grocery shopped
  • Piazanno's for Pizza lunch. Favorite place to take the kids to eat!
  • Came home.. Worked on my Photo Christmas Card.
  • Loaded a bazillion photos into Snapfish
  • Have a headache
  • Want a Corona
  • Kids are playing at Warm Springs Creek.. Since it is gorgeous outside. 41 degrees is gorgeous when there is no wind and the sun is out.
  • Dreaming... just day dreaming... sugar plums really want to dance in my head!
  • Dreaming......
Off to do something....

Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Happiest Thanksgiving

Setting the pre-dinner Appetizers
Our snacks were at noon
Dinner? Oh, about 1:30pm.
Yeah.. Not very good planning.
We were stuffed!

They boys were in charge of the snacks
We had Brie Cheese with French Bread
Picked Okra
Assorted Olives
and special drinks

Some of our favorite Decor
The paper turkeys are the kids creations from days long ago

The Pie Girls
Love Sami's Apron!

Our Non Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone had a 'voice' in what we would have
Leg of Lamb
Caesar Salad with anchovies, garlic, Parmesan cheese
Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes with Garlic
Brussel Sprouts with Garlic
Special Drinks

The Evening Festivities
We went to Sami's BFF's Grandpa's 'Park'
Rick is a great rock and roll lover!
(And reminds me of all my friends from 'the gang'!)
(aka the PigFests)

See Stevie Nicks on the TV?
He has three TVs set up for his music videos
And lots of lights

First, we listened to Arlo Guthries 'Alice's Restaurant'
A family Thanksgiving Tradition in their household..

Laser light shows
An outdoor kitchen
A yert
Lots of play zones
It is party central

The Bonfire Crowd
For some reason our host is missing
His daughter, Andie is the one on the right holding the babe

Some of the Sledders!
Sami and her bff Hannah
This is Hannah's Grandpa's Place

The Yert Crowd
Notice my guy is snacking?
That would be why he was not hungry for dessert when we got home!
All these guys took breaks to snack then sled.
Snack. Sled. Snack. Sled.

Dick and I ate THIS when we got home!
Sami's pumpkin Pie
My Apple Pie
Home whipped cream

Woke at 3am
Too much shuga!


Yesterday's Thanksgiving was just one of our best yet!

It started with a very stress-free day in the kitchen. Even though I was 'there' from 6am until 2pm - it was fun.. Seriously.. fun fun fun!

  • I made an apple pie - with our own apples, and had fun playing with the apple/corer/slicer.. Which, is one of the best kitchen inventions yet!
  • Sami made her own pumpkin pie - crust and all! It was a joy to have her with me in the kitchen. Someone to work with, talk with, play with. How lucky am I?
  • Our meal consisted of Leg of Lamb (our own), Caesar Salad, Garlic Brussel Sprouts, Yukon Mashed Potatoes, special drinks
  • The boys were in charge of putting together our appetizers and drinks
After we ate, then we took naps, followed by chores, and then....

Off to a bonfire party!

The kids sledded and snacked.

The adults stood around the fire, laughing, story telling, embiding.

When we got home the kids were too tired (or full) for pie...

So the parents ate dessert while the kids were snug in their beds.. reading!

My heart is full.

Thankful for great friends, my little family , and our cozy and simple life.

Really really Thankful.

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Tim's Tags

Hello crafty friends!

Tim Holtz just announced he is doing his 12 Tags of Christmas again! Yippee!!

This is one of my most favorite things to do to get ready for the holidays!!!

Please go visit his blog to you can 'get ready' and join me!

There are prizes.


Christmas celebrations to be had!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Confession about my Thanksgiving Place Card!

Fall Masterboard Projects
Actually Made in August!

Hello sweet friends...

After getting your sweet comments about how I was able to make such a cute little place card, and be so organized, and on top of the Thanksgiving decor and holidays... I must confess.

I started my Thanksgiving and Fall crafts over the summer! If you clicked on yesterday's photo, you would see the green grass in the background...and the August date! I'm sharing all of them above...

Yep. As part of the Cornish Heritage Farms 'Stamping Star' challenges...and in particular, the Masterboard Challenge (create your own background and use on multiple projects) I started my fall goodies!

So, you see? I'm 'really' organized. Or even ready. Or on top of it. And, I still have three more place cards to go! But, at least the template is done...

BTW: Most of my motivation is driven by adrenaline and challenges! Thank goodness, or I would not get anything done!

Speaking of Adrenaline:
The drive yesterday was just fine! No worries! More about my interview(s) later...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankgiving Place Card

Thanksgiving Place Card
Stamps: Cornish Heritage Farms

Oh boy.. Thanksgiving is only 1 week away!

Any other moms/chefs have to work the day prior? For crying out loud. I will be working until 5:30 pm! That means all the goods need to be in hand, like, on Tuesday...but I do have Thursday thru Sunday off.. that's not a bad 'exchange', eh?

But wait..

Rumor has it it takes 4 days for a frozen Turkey to thaw... That means this girl had better get her turkey (no jokes about the Mr.!) by this Sunday! ACK!

OK.. Off to contemplate other timetables, to do lists, and things I'd rather be doing!

(Like working on my Christmas Cards!!!)

I need to crank out a few more of these babies for our table!

Today's Forecast Says...

The weather today is supposed to be:

Partly Cloudy... High of 41', low of 33'.

Well.. then why did we wake to 25 degrees, and why are snow flurries dancing outside my big picture window? Hmm????

The weather forecast irritates me. It's hard to plan one's day - especially if it's travel related.

I am not ready for this.

I have to drive over a pass tonight for an interview. Yep. Interview. It's at 5pm.

And my studded tires are in the back of my car. Not on the wheels. In the back - my appointment to switch out my tires isn't until tomorrow!

And, I am driving over passes on both Saturday and Sunday.

Oh joy.

I can hardly wait.. for Monday, that is...


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glittery Fun! Hero Arts Glitter Challenge

This Photo is 'just for fun' - I like the window scenery!
Sorry.. Just playing around over here!
That's my favorite birch tree out there, sans leaves.
And its a cloudy, snow threatening day...
But we are inside toasty warm!

Glittery Season's Greetings

For This Week's Hero Arts Glitter Challenge!

This is the front view of my card. I used the Hero Arts Antique Brocade Cling Stamp to make my ornament... Two other HA stamps are used as well (small snowflake & sentiment)...

Supplies Used:
Stamps: HA CG102 Antique Brocade, HA CL236 Joys of the Season (sentiment and small snowflake)
Card Stock: Stampin' Up
Making Memories Felt Snowflake
Autumn Leaves button
Silver Cord from Stampin' Up
Inks: Ranger Distress Ink - Broken China
Glitters: Doodlebug Design Sugar Coating, Ranger Ice Stickles, Ranger Distress Stickles in Broken China
Glue: Tsukineko Essential Glue Pad

What I did:
1. I used the negative from an ornament die (Cricut - Joys of the Season) and inked the edges to get the shape of the ornament.
2. Stamped Antique Brocade on glue pad (and visa versa)
3. Sprinkled the glitter - let set
4. Added a hanger with the cord.

The little blue snowflakes have Ice Stickles in their centers

The felt snowflake is also covered with Ice Stickles, and so is the button (got those ideas from Lisa, our Hero Arts Blog Hostess this week! She has a ton of great ideas :)

Disclaimer: I have never been successful at playing with glitter - even though I have '12 little bottles' of some gorgeous Doodlebug Goodness!

I bought the glue pad just for this challenge and am so glad I played!


I'm on a roll here folks... I created another card for another challenge! That makes 2! Wooty toot toot!

This is my favorite part of winter, meaning, time to play. And, um, it helps when your husband goes out of town for 7 days! He's home now.. And what an adventure he had... he drove to Denver, but his truck 'broke down' in Cheyenne, WY... long story.. But $3,000 later.. he limped home with his bad truck.. Bad Bad Bad Truck!

OK.. I'm on a roll.. Next Up? Caardvarks Circle of Friends!!!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moxie Fab - Plum Crazy Challenge!

Plum Crazy Card
(click on photo to enlarge)
Card Stock: SU Perfect Plum & Pale Plum
Inks: SU Perfect Plum, Ranger Black Soot, Versamark
Patterned Paper:
4x4 Jenni Bowlin Label Shape Chipboard Mini Book
Stamps: Hero Arts Antique Brocade Cling, SU Touch of Nature (sentiment),
SU Lovely As a Tree (Tree)
Buttons: Autumn Leaves
Hemp: SU
Ribbon (unknown source)

Been a while, eh?

Before I share what this card is all about, I just want to tell you I'm in a perfectly blissful place right now:) I'm upstairs in my crafty little world, wearing cozy clothes; the wood-stove is going, the sun is shining and melting yesterday's snow, and my kids are also being creative!
Sami is playing with 'our' Cricut - she has been taking our cutting orders off a new cartridge - Joy of the Season (which is smokin' hot!!!) and Jake is actually catching up on homework - he is writing a letter to a Vet in honor of Veteran's Day.. Even though my father died in 1990, and they never met, Jake is writing a letter to him, thanking him for his service in the Marines. Oh my heart...

So back to the challenge:
My card above is for the Moxie Fab World Plumb Crazy Challenge. Be sure to click on the link so you can check out the challenge guidelines and all the yummy plum prompts that Cath gave us!

There are some drop dead gorgeous creations that have been linked by some amazingly talented gals, too! I don't know what is more fun, creating, or looking at the other creations!!!

It's only 2:30pm here, and I have until tomorrow evening to craft at my heart's content.

I am one lucky girl.

Hope to enter a few other favorite challenges, too!

Thank you so much for visiting...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Favorite Photos! A Fall Family Photo Shoot

The Four of Us Standing - And Ernest
Ernest is older than my kids!
He was our first baby.

Us - Now That we are Older
I wanted our 'walking away' photo updated.
(There is a much older photo from when the kids were itty bitty, on the left sidebar, way down!)
I'm not sure this is the best one. The thumbnails are all small!

So last weekend, on a very very cold Sunday morning, my good friend W. came over and took our family photos.

I am sharing just a few here! Do you have a favorite that you would recommend we put on our Christmas Card?

This started as a 'we need a new family photo' - since our last one was from when the kids were itty bitty, and we have to update our posters and flyers and other things for our meat business. Our meat is now being served at a local University, and they need a poster to showcase us as their local source of grass fed beef!

I also need a new photo of all of us for this year's Christmas card, but most of the time my husband hides from our Christmas photo sessions - or he just takes pictures of the kids and me. Well, the 'we need to update the posters' got him. Now, we are all in the photo!

We took TONS and I can't wait to get them all ordered and put into frames and other projects for my Christmas gifts. I am so excited!

Thanks for looking!

Kreative Blogger Award!

I was quite honored to see this little baby waiting for me this morning (um, actually several mornings ago - it's been awhile since I got back to this post!) from my dear cousin Guy... Guy is an artist.. he teaches real Art classes and is working on a few art videos and other fabulous things. He has a studio. A real one that people come to for art shows! Here, why not read about him yourself: Guy's Blog.

Be sure to read his 7 things while you are there... I tell you.. Amazing things!

As a recipient we are to nominate 7 other bloggers, and then list 7 things you may not know about me.

Here are my 7 nominees -Beautiful blogs that I just love love love to see posting new goodies. These blogs are in no particular order. They are also 'newbies' to any nominations from me (meaning, if I nominated you before, then it's not a repeat!).. So, here we go!

Stamper Suz: I love Sue's creations! She shares great techniques and colors and tells us how to do it! Sue is talented. Sue is an Artist. And, Sue is sweet!!!
Glitzen: This Mama lives in AK, home schools, and has a great skill for photography. I love her photos and her stories! She is amazing. And, yes, she scrapbooks...
Mel Stampz: Oh my. Can you say queen of itty bitty details? She also has awesome digi giveaways, and tutorials and just awesome stuff! It's a classroom. I love her blog.
Cath, Etc: This woman can write. She is the Aldo Leopold of now. I love her prose! She also hosts the Moxie Fab World and has a fun kickin' voice on that blog!
MamaCow Creations: One creative Country Gal that cracks me up every time I read one of her posts! She kills me. Warning: Do not have liquid in your mouth when reading her posts.
2HDesign: I forget how I met Lauren! But let me tell you.. I love her blog! From her shares of books, or weather, or her dogs or life. She's another country girl that I just love. She has been taking all sorts of fun classes and I get to 'watch' and learn:) Thanks Lauren for sharing all of it!
Almost Due West: It's amazing how you cross paths with people, isn't it? Well, this lady and I crossed paths via stamping... Then, lo and behold, she moved to Wyoming and started a new blog. I have to tell you.. I LOVE reading her blog! It's 'me' all over again (meaning, when we moved to Oregon w/o friends or family)... It's a lot funnier the 2nd time around, and hopefully, I am helping with the 'this too shall pass' portion of all the mishaps that happen to those of us that for lack of a better way to say it, leave the comfort of our family and friends and make a huge move and fall off the face of 'our past lives' into desolation...and quiet, and wide open spaces...

OK.. now my 7 things.... (which are not so fabulous)...

1. I spend a lot of time thinking. In my head. Creating Stories. I write lots of things and tell lots of stories but they never make it to paper. I have oodles of titles for Novels that just 'pop up' and then I outline all the chapters. Crazy...
2. If you asked me where I would love to be right now... I would have to say someplace with lots of gorgeous blue water, sand, about 75 to 80 degrees, yet not too 'fancy'. I love nature, and the great outdoors, but at times this ranch is 'a little too much nature' for me. Especially when it comes to the Winter. Please. Take Winter away. Or better yet, make it last just one month. Not six... Pretty Please??? OH.. And please give me more daylight. I am not a darkness girl. I like daylight. I like June 21st. I would trade 60 June 21st's for 60 December 21sts in a minute... I think...
3. I love swimming! I love walking! Sometimes I love running!! I used to love biking... And, I love to just contemplate the Universe while drinking a cup of Joe, or doing any of the things I said I love to do... Problem is... I don't do them very often!
4. (oops.. I hit publish.. I'm back now to edit!)... I'm not a good multi-tasker. Actually, I'm super bad. I get sidetracked. Just now, I was thinking of something else and I hit the publish button by mistake. I'm a dork. See? Some of you might never get to see the rest of this post if you view it in your reader! ACK!!!
5. This list is too darn long, and I'm getting very sidetracked and annoyed... I think I have Adult ADD... help! But this is the 2nd time I have tried to 'get it done' and I'm in for the long haul!
6. I love chocolates. I stash them. My mom was just here (Seattle mom) and I brought out my stash last night for 'us girls' while the boys were away. She wanted to know why I have a stash.. Hello! She doesn't live with any boys or men!! My boys inhale chocolate. They don't understand it is something to be savored... enjoyed... slowly. Girls need their chocolate stash. I'm convinced. So just us 3 girls indulged..
7. I miss my little sister... She truly is my BFF.. I wish we we lived closer. We dream of being old bats together. Sitting in our rocking chairs. Or better yet, kickin' down a few Margarittas. Girl Dreams...

OK! That's a wrap... Please visit those other ever so fab blogs! My next job is letting them all know they have an award:)

Take Care...
And if you read this whole long epic post...YOU deserve some of my stash:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

The Jakester
At our favorite place to visit
An older couple really love to go all out! In the town of Haines.
It's the only city house that we visit.
And it totally rocks!!!

Another Shot
Same place, same kid
Cool Goul
They look good together, eh?
And that is a real black cat down in the left!

Part of The Loot
Candy sorting seems to be an important part of the experience!
The kids dump out their candy, sort it and compare notes.
Dum Dum anyone?
Last nights haul of the night: An Orange Popcorn Ball!
Totally safe - from a beloved neighbor.
We only visit neighbors.

The popcorn balls did not make it home:)
We ate them while driving from place to place.
The Rule: Only 2 candies that night, plus the ball.
I know. I'm mean.
But it was before dinner!
And one candy after dinner.
This explains why we still have candy left over from last year's trick or treating, too!


Last night was magical. It was wonderful. It was spooky and eerie!

It was one of the BEST trick-or-treats we have had.

What makes a great Trick-or-Treat experience, from this mom's perspective?

  • The moon was out and played through the clouds. Breathtaking! What a setting!
  • No wind
  • The temp was about 45. The WARMEST Halloween in our 10 years here...
  • We didn't leave until 6pm.. Dark! Normally we do this in the daylight. The darkness sure added a super duper 'fun' factor! Creeping up to the doors, not knowing what was lurking behind... Oh my!
  • My kid ran to the doors each time! So fun to be in the background and watch!!! Jake's cape flew while he ran.
  • I wore my Witches Hat (with the big buckle), and had my broom (no wise cracks!), and my cute Halloween Vest. My kids love it when I dress up:) So do the neighbors... One new neighbor said I am one of her favorite people! How sweet.. made my night!
  • And within 2 hours, we had 11 successful 'haunts' - meaning, places in our rural hood that were open for 'business' and had candy for trick or treaters.
  • Our last visit was right at our own front door! We do this to my husband every dang year and he always falls for it! I drive up, leave the lights on facing the house so he can't identify us, and the kids run up, ring the bell and trick him. Hilarious!
  • When we got home I made grilled cheese sandwiches, hot tomato soup, and a salad. Fast and fun... Although that big can of soup was condensed and I didn't add the milk! Dang my 47 year old eyes. This morning Jake was reading the can on the counter and said 'what does condensation' mean? What? OH! Condensed!!! Hmm... I said 'that explains why the soup was so darn thick'. He agreed.
Anyone else need their reading glasses when it comes to cooking? I didn't even bother to look! HA!

I hope your evening was fun as well and filled with the magic of happy kids, giddy with excitement, and blissful sugar highs...

Ours sure was!