Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Single Thanksgiving - Breaking my Blogging Silence

The View from outside my front gate

My House   - View from behind the house and along the road

Morning Routine When the Kids are with me

View from my office - over my right shoulder - faces the road

My Kitchen

Living Area

Office Corner (looks different now) is Thanksgiving, and I am taking a 'slow zen' approach to the day - the kids are on their way to a big Sexton family celebration with their Dad - four or so hours from here and in another state. 

Me?  I am currently alone, in my own house, and 'almost' single.  This is what I have been withholding from most of you since January - the month when my husband and I (after a series of unfortunate events) came to the decision to end our marriage.  No need for details.  Let's just fast forward to today, shall we?

So, my kids, and significant ex (I love calling him that!  He is significant, and always will be - I truly believe we will be 'stuck' with each other for the rest of our lives, so.. deal with it, right?), waved when they drove by!  I was waiting for them - so I could wave (and to suck in a deep breath as I embraced my 'yep, I am alone' time).  And, they were late - 45 minutes late.  The kids each texted me.  I texted back.  (Both kids have phones now. With unlimited text so I can keep them at my finger tips!).

I know from first hand experience that their Dad was probably in his sergeant mode and freaking out about being late .. I texted them back (we are soooo into the 'new communication era' now!) and I told them to remind him that his sister is always three or so hours late with her 'cooking'.  Yep!  I got confirmation... He 'eased' up with the reminder.  

Actually, where I live now, everyone drive's by my place...I am on the main road right before getting to town (if your driving from the direction of the ranch  - and, to be told, I am on the exact same road as my significant-ex!).  I literally moved 7 miles down the road).  So, if the driver's know me, they honk or wave! I'm lucky that way.  And, yes, if I am inside or outside.  My office is at the corner of the house, closest to the road. Totally visible if the blinds are open and lights are on!   No worries.. I only have the blinds open during the day! I like to 'see outside'!

So.. this is what I have been doing... on this gifted day off from work.. and day of Thanskgiving
  • Stayed in bed in until 6:30 am... (very late for me - but notice I said 'stayed in bed'. I was awake for some time before that!)
  • Got the first cup of joe 'in me'
  • Sitting at the computer in my jammies - watched a squirrel play in the yard, and sweet little chick-a-dee birdies playing under the eaves of the windows in front of me.  I normally don't have this luxury since I leave before they wake, and arrive when they are asleep! (Working girl blues)
  •  I have been watching the snow creeping down the mountain.
  • And.... of course... slowly reading all the inspirational messages and fun crafty goodies in my blog reader.
And... as I was feeling a little 'melancholy' with the kids not being here, and this being my first 'solo' Thanksgiving as an um, single-ish woman, I decided to 'break my blogging silence' and write.  My gosh it feels good to write again.  And with this feeling of Peace and Happiness.  I am in a good place.

I am thankful that my little house is ever so cozy.  And, that I have a beautiful view and live in a very safe part of 'town'.
(GET OUT!  Now big fat quail are walking across the yard!!!!)   CUTENESS!  

Uh oh... it is now 9 am and I should start getting ready for the big day. 

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Later I will go to a ranch friends home (party is in the shop) with my garlic mashed potatoes, and a bottle of white wine, and the hope that I can pull off being 'just me' and that I don't stick out like a sore 'divorcee single' thumb amongst all those happily married couples!  Gag....