Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Mother Lied to Me... Again

Oh lord. 
So... my birth mother lied to me again. Is it any wonder I have trust issues?  They go way way way back.

She called me up saying she is part of some 'Cancer genealogy study' and had sent me a big old long email and wanted to know if I got it.  No.  I changed my email.  So I sent her my new email address so she could send me the long explanation.  Did she send it?  No.  Result? She weaseled my new email address out of me. 

(All part of the process of my divorce - new home, new address, new name, new email, new job, new life)

So, instead, she proceeded to ask me the details about my surgery.  Trying to make the connection between me and her and the supposed genealogy issues.  Fishing.  For what happened to me.  And this is how she operates.  Big ol' fake story to try and get you to divulge information.  Which I did.  On a certain level.  That all the tests came back negative.  Whatever.

She creeps me out.

Then she started in with the 'where are you working' questions.  I managed to steer clear of the actual names and places.  Why?  Because she will stalk me!  And call me at my work!  Which is work!

This is the mother that called one of my employers to tell them how much I deserved a raise.  When I was in my early 20's.  Without my knowing.  My boss/coworker/friend told me.

Oh lord. 
The therapy I should be paying for right now.  But instead I purchase scrapbook supplies. 
And adult beverages.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Driving Lessons

Sami - 15 years old and behind the wheel - on the Anthony Lakes Highway

Sami doing ranch chores - feeding her goats

Jake helping out - he rounded up Sami's goats - stinkers

At the ranch headquarters - lots of room for a new driver

Leaving the Ranch and heading to town
This week we have been learning how to drive my car.  I say 'we' because both kids are getting behind the wheel.  Why?  Two backups are better than one, and it just seemed fine to teach both.  Or, I am a glutton for punishment.

No, we don't have driving permits, yet.  Sami is 15 and Jake will be 14 on May 17th.  Sami went to take her permit test but failed.  That one very last question!

The kids drive quads and tractors and dirt bikes on the ranch.

They are good at driving when you own the road and you don't have to share it with anyone else.  And they both can operate a clutch.  My car is an automatic, the shifter is busted, and it's a strange concept to them to 'count' which gear you are in. I think it's a good learning experience to try and know what gear you are in!

However, in town?  A very scary place.

There are 7 miles between the ranch and my house.  And, Sami is learning how to drive in turns on a highway, and how to drive with people around you.  

She has a lot to learn about staying in her lane, especially when turning into a side street.  She almost hit a little white car in front of my house.  But, heck, this is Haines, and all the side roads are dirt or gravel and hardly anyone drives in their own lane. 

I do not like being a passenger in my own car.
Jake does not like sitting behind his sister when she drives.

It's going to be a long summer!

Our goal is for Sami to help drive when we do our July road-trip to CA.  

Wish us luck!