Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ides of March 2015 (Beware?)

I had a rough couple of weeks.  Sitting here now, on Sunday, March 15th, snotty as can be. 

Glad Wrap Mishap - How it All Started

Week #1 Was Full of Craziness:  Wrote two grants that were not on my list of things to do and which were 'due now'.  Could have been better planned by those who should have been 'on it'. As in two weeks earlier!  And, cleaned up a major mess in the women's restroom at work because no one else was able or willing. That's a story in itself.  Yet, not appropriate to make public.  So by Friday?  I was ready to get out of dodge.  Which I did. By taking a day off to ski.  That day was lovely. Sunshine, moonlight, no wind. We skied under both, BBQ oysters, and it was nice to be amongst adults.  It was the icing on the cake.  So well deserved after a 'crappy' week.  It was a full-moon week so no doubt the 'pull' had a lot to do with the week's events.

Gunsight Mountain behind Me

Cold Beverage after Skiing

My Christmas Setup - Downhill!

BBQ Oysters

Moonlit Dinner - Outdoor Style

Week #2:  And then... I got sick.  Week long stuff:  Sore throat, which started Saturday night, followed by cough, snot.snot.snot.snot.  And still snot. Sick leave here and there, tried to work when I could, blech.

So, Ides of March?  Yeah.  Whatever.  I'm so ready for a better week after these last two.  Please!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March 2015! Recap of a Crazy Saturday in the life of a Single Mom

No, this is not what it looks like here.  I borrowed this from a friend.  

Today is March 1st.  We were given a beautiful, sunny, 26 degree day.
I stayed home all day. Did not drive anywhere.  Did not go outside. Did not ski.  Exhausted from yesterday. Here's the long story:

Yesterday was a crazy, hectic, busy, 'go crazy' life of a single mom day:

  • Up at 4am.  Only because I was stressing about the day's upcoming to-do list.
  • Registered my daughter for a trip to Spain for her graduation gift - next spring.  More on that later.  Signed my life away.
  • Made breakfast for kids.  Yummy stuff: yogurt w/ fruit; Andoulle Cajun chicken sausage and scrambled eggs. 
  • Left at 8am for Baker - 10 miles away: Hair, Groceries, and bird food for the wild things that visit each morning.
  • Sami left at 9 am for the school, and team bus to Condon, Oregon
  • Home at 11:  Made to go snacks and left on a 3.5 hour drive to Condon:  State Playoffs
  • Road trip.  Carpooled with some great friends and their 6th grade son.  Picked up college daughter in Pendleton (this is important later).
  •  Watch our girls, including my daughter play their last basketball game of the season - last because they lost.  Heart-wrenching but we had a GREAT turnout in fans.  Our school sent a fan bus.  Gotta love the team spirit in our small rural school (note to self: send letter of gratitude to the powers that be). But the girls did get to win this last Wednesday on their home court.  That is good. Especially for our Seniors.
  •  Drive to Pendleton.  Van passengers increased with Sophomore daughter of family that played in the game.  At at a rest stop I got to witness the crazy antics of this family.  Sophomore wanted to ditch dad and bro at rest stop. Plan was to just go around the back side. But she drove the family van to the exit which would have gotten us on the hwy - she had to backup - she hit a curb.  Not a good driver.  We were laughing and dying from sucking air. Dad? Not so amused.  He got to watch the entire thing on his walk to the van. But boy, was he a good sport!  He said something about not forgetting. This family is NUTS. Mine seems really normal now.
  • Out to dinner with crazy family.  At a Mexican Restaurant. In Pendleton.  College girl's fiance joins us. The antics only got better.  Son and Sophomore daughter had a hot sauce eating contest.  Son won.  Wedding plans.  Daughters. Son narrating what everyone was thinking.  Oh my.
  •  Stop in North Powder at kid's school to get sophomore daughter's car.  She is sleeping.  Mom gets out to get it so don't have to get it in morning (7 miles out of town and wrong way). Dad drives off, turns around, and mom is standing in road waving. Car won't start.  Good thing we didn't leave her!  Sophomore daughter has habit of leaving dome light on.  Battery is dead.
  • Home at 10:30 pm - my darling well behaved daughter arrived soon after.  Darling well behaved son is home, safe, doing his own thing. No wild parties (heck, all his friends were at the game!).  My kids seem so mellow in comparison to crazy family.
  • Registered myself for same trip to Spain. While at the game two moms were giving me a hard time about not registering now.  I planned to signup later, in November, when funds are more solvent.  They thought there was another payment plan. I gave in to peer pressure.  I promised to sign up when I got home.  Deadline for a discount was last day of Feb.  So, REALLY have now signed my life away! 
  • Slept blissfully knowing that yes, I survived the day, and was reminded of how lucky I am!

 Photo Share:
This lenten season I am wearing my special crucifix, that I rec'd from my G. Avis's collection

Rosie and my breakfast. Yogurt, banana, frozen raspberries. Quality time at the computer.

Found in daughter's laundry basket.  Basketball shoes.  Season is over.

Domestic Goddess Fail.  Chocolate kiss went through washer and drier.  Really, it was a kiss. with a nut inside. Now round from the machines. And yes, I got to clean out the drier. And redo a load of whites. This fine Sunday.