Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sneak Peaks - Gift Projects & Recap of Trip

Sneak Peak #1 - CM Embellished Card
To be mailed to a special woman... She doesn't use a computer, but I'm not taking any chances with her family! HA!

Sneak Peak #2: CM Paper Book, embellished.
I like creating pockets for hidden journaling or special little photos. This project is full of them! This special gift MUST go out today! That's all I am going to say...

Sneak Peak #3: Another CM Paper Book,
embellished again with fun pockets!

Another gift book that needs to get in this weeks mail...

The above projects are from my weekend retreat... I took a list of what I needed to get done and just got busy! Here's the list:

In laws 50th Wedding Anniversary Album - done! OK, might need a few little touches..
Halloween Cards - done
Alter Morning Pages Journal - done
Three gifts for three women - done
Scrapbook 2007 Vacation Trips (fishing, camping) - done!

I did a few other fun things... Got two cute mini albums for the kidlets and am putting together little 'What I love About you' books... Almost Done! Jake saw his, and he put in some of his Yugio Cards... and then he slept with it under his pillow last night. I guess he loves those cards!!

I'll share more photos of the projects as the week progresses...


Sandy said...

Holy cow, what a PRODUCTIVE retreat you were on!!! It all looks FAABBBB!!!

*karendianne. said...

Oh Andi, these are so neat. I've never seen anything like these creations you've got here. And how totally cute that Jake slept with his mini album under his pillow. Oh my goodness he steals my heart.