Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ramblings. This, That and The Jet Plane!

Just In Case Rebecca is Casing my Blog!
This Photo is a preview of what she can expect for the weekends activities!

OK. I've been up since 4am, cranking out 'tons of work' which included our Ranch Newsletter, printing labels, soliciting donations from businesses in Downtown Baker for the Haines School Chili Feed Raffle in February (say that 10 times fast!), and of course, grocery shopping, shopping, and shopping! Phew! Maybe I snuck in one adult beverage. A Corona - prep work for the weekend activities. Anyway, please be advised, I am on a rambling rose ramble!

So, Sami has just informed me she is writing a book. (wonder who she get's that from!)... Anyway, she is downstairs on the kid's computer writing a story. She said it is about a princess, who finds a bunch of other princesses, and they go off into the woods and become outlaws. ROTFL!

(side note: she wants to know how to spell 'peculiar' -which she called 'petiliar' which, again, must be her version of two words put together, and I sent her to the dictionary. Apparently the dictionary is her Daddy. Pushover!)

Hmm.. Her stories underlying theme? Like, say, City girl goes Country? Or, a coming of age story? Shedding of one's youthful bright eyed Disney-esque (I made up this word - think I'll copyright that one) and interring the stages of Preadolescence? So many possibilities! Great book idea, though. I can't wait to read it! No doubt she will publish her novel long before I do. And she is only 9!

Speaking of princesses, I am leaving tomorrow at 8:00 am, heading to Boise to catch a plane, and jet setting to the Phoenix Arizona area for the Princess Baby Shower! Yeah, baby. This is the shower for my good pal Rebecca, who is a princess. I am the Duchess. Our friend Lisa is the Countess (Rebecca emailed me and reminded me - so I do believe she is casing my blog!). Too bad I don't arrive on that Arizona soil until 5:30 pm. If all goes well in Utah! HA! Thank God I'm not flying United... Dealt with them in 2000 when they were on strike. Been mad at them ever since. Dogs.

I have lots of show and tell items to share - but will post them after the shower! I made more goodies of the Bella variety that coordinate with the invites - remember those? The packet of 60 I cranked out during SOF week? They have relatives in other forms. Too bad I can't take a paper cutter on the airplane. I'll be up for hours tonight doing some 'prep' work! Reminds me of those all nighters back in Chico, CA when I was so very young.

Back to computers: Every family member is in front of a computer right now! Sick, eh? Sami is writing her book (as mentioned), Jake is playing a game, Dick is working, and I am also working! I love this kind of work. I would have to say we are all doing something we are truly passionate about. Jake is the only one on a timer. We monitor the computer game playing thing. I should be on a timer. The artichokes have been done for well over 30 minutes, and are sitting on the stove, waiting patiently for their grand appearance. OH! And the CMA awards are on tonight!

So, eventually I have to pack. Rumor has it the temps will be in the 80s - 90s. Oh, man. The sunshine mother ship is definitely calling my name! Is this Carma? After having to deal with the central heat spider zone, our 18 degree mornings, and breaking ice for the critters, I feel that I am being handed the 'Golden Girl Ticket'! Yippy! Miss Rebs has scheduled us for pedis and minis on Friday. Should I take my cowgirl boots? They are pretty cool! Seriously. They are Ariat Fat Babys, and have an ostrich leather 'look' lower portion and sea-breeze blue upper with stars! Or how about my faux turquoise studded flip flops? Decisions, Decisions..

OK friends! I'll catch you all later when I return on Monday! Happy trails to you all!

Yep. Gotta go. The Dinner police are calling me.


Sandy said...

Good for you getting away!! So excited to see some pics when you get back. Have a great time, and travel safe!

Sue McGettigan said...

I'd say turquoise flip flops would be just the thing for a warm Arizona weekend - have a blast! (I'm pretty sure you will :)

Dawn said...

Have a great time.. can't wit to hear about it when you get back...

Sandra Evertson said...

Lovely blog and that family photo of yours is so nice, it really conveys a tight family!
Sandra Evertson

Kerilou said...

I would say that I hope you have a good time, but alas, I am late...shocker!! Love all your ramblings--keep em up! Keri