Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap!

Note the Apron! My Thanksgiving One!

Yep. This is me. No makeup. In my kitchen attire.. Glad I decided to get off my rear and peel the Yukons at 9 am for our 2pm dinner appointment. Ha! I was in the kitchen for 3 hours!
Well, I do get sidetracked... I decided we would also need snacks at noon - a light little celebration of our own since dinner wouldn't be until 3ish... I tend to do that. Get sidetracked! You know the routine, clear the table, then search for fun stuff to put on the table, then go off on some sort of tangent that involves checking the candle inventory or crystal goodies that are stashed!

Garlic/Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes
My favorite mashed potatoes.. Absolutely no butter in this recipe! (Disclaimer: I love butter and use it frequently, real butter!). This recipe has Yukon potatoes which give a buttery flavor, tons of garlic (I throw 3 heads into the boiling water - then squish garlic out into the potatoes and mash together), 1 c milk, and a brick of real cream cheese.. Yum! And yes, those are garlic cloves (cooked) on top!

Our Holiday Table
Our noontime celebration. Special drinks for all of us, along with snacks. Our relish plate has baby corn and pickled Okra in addition to black olives. Yum! See the snow out the windows? And the pot of geraniums I saved from outside (saved from the goats and weather!).

Our Little Family
At our friends house. We have a potluck with friends, and play games after dinner - Taboo and Apples to Apples. Sorry for the funky blue/green tint!

The Ride Home!
Jake is not quite asleep. Although he would like to have us think otherwise!
We all had to change into our snow gear (coveralls, snow boots, hats and gloves) to do our evening chores at 9:30 pm (they usually get done at 4pm). Thank goodness for the moon light and flashlights. The snow had diamonds all over it! It was a beautiful crystal clear night - hence the low temps. It was about 15 degrees and we had to break ice or carry water buckets for all the domestic critters that are outside our house - the dogs, cats and Sami's calf, Ruby. The sheep, cattle and goats have other water sources that we haven't had to break yet. That happens when we get below zero - in another month! The next morning it was 10 degrees.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and filled with family, friends and food! I attempted to call all my favorite girls. I called my sister Paula, and left her our annual 'gobble gobble' message. Still haven't heard from that girl! She is MIA. Stinker. But I did get to chat with two of my other fave women. First was my mom, Pat, in Seattle, who had a great story to tell. She made Thanksgiving dinner Wed. night because on T-Day she was spending it at my cousin Eric's - whose wife was making a vegetarian dinner - so Wed. was a 'sneak in the meat night' for the rest of the family. Hilarious. Gotta get that traditional turkey or ham in somehow!
And my 2nd successful call was to my Aunt Alice. She is the perfect role model. Actually, both she and Pat are. They both had awesome careers and raised children under the worse/best of circumstances. There were other gals I had hoped to call, but alas, ran out of time!
OK.. gotta go get some more photos to share!


Dawn said...

Okay, You do not even need make up. Love that apron. I also love the family pic. what an adorable family. I also love love love the little pic of Jakey poo on the ride home. How awesome.

Sandy said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Great photos, and love your storytelling as always!

Debra Day said...

I suppose you made your apron? Cute. Loved your 'self portrait'. I don't even take photos of myself any more without full battle gear. The table was beautiful and the snow - awesome. I would like to live one year in the snow to see what seasons are really like. Can you afford to hire a Chef? Ha

Vintage Papers said...

love the photo and your turkey apron! such a beautiful family you have! can't believe you have more snow than Michigan! :)

Jacqueline said...

Your house looks so cozy, the table is so nicely laid (not to forget the wine) - looks so attractive!