Monday, December 10, 2007

Advent Day 10 - Happy Holidays!!! Meet Jess

Presenting......Our Christmas Card from Sexton Ranches

Every time I read or say out loud 'Happy holidays' I break out in song, Bing Crosby style!!!!
This is our Christmas Card (be sure to click on it to see it in all its glory!) that we are sending to all our wonderful beef and lamb clients...and some relatives and some friends!

You haven't met Jess yet - he is our new guard dog - and he is in the background with the sheep. Jess' full name is Jessie James, courtesy of Sami, the namer of all creatures great and small.

Jess is a shy guy... A true Guard Dog... also a little sweetie pie.. You can walk up to him, and he wags his tail, but he has his flight zone... get too close and off he goes!

Jess is the young dog Sami & Dick went to get after our other guard dogs were killed by the train. He actually came with a name... a mean one (Satan)... his previous owner obviously did not know his true spirit...

Advent Day 9 - Just a recap from yesterday.. Sami decided we needed a tea party.. She is so intuitive! She broke out her beautiful tea set from Auntie Paula, a Beatrix Potter collection, and she and I and Jake had tea and cookies! She made real herb tea. It was such a great Sunday event! Everyone poured their own tea. And our little hostess passed around cream and sugar. Afterwards I napped.. Sami joined me. Oh, life is wonderful! Of course it was only 11 am, but once again my insomnia woke me about 2:20 am and I just can't get back to sleep! By the way, in case any relatives are reading, Sami's tea set only has 2 cups.. we may need to upgrade!

Well, I am off to Grand Jury orientation! Yep.. I might be a little busy January through April! The kids are so curious about the jury process.. on one hand I would love to be selected since it will be a great experience to share with them. The downside is we would be home bound for Spring Break, and any other trips planned... and the markets start up again mid April! Oh well.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Sue McGettigan said...

Wow Andi, good luck with the Jury duty! Lovely card :)

*karendianne. said...

Happy to meet Jess. I like the new improved name.

Oh Andi, Sami is a girl after my own heart. I had a tea set, too, and oh how I played with it. Wonder what happened to it? In case any of our family is reading - I need an upgrade, too. Kidding!

Is Grand Jury duty going to cramp our style here? I mean, with the Blog updates and all. Cant have that.

I love your card. Its beautiful. Perfect.

Michelle said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I look foreward to reading yours and learning more about your farm life.

Lisa Renéa said...

Just wanted to say, this is a super fun card! Love seeing all the sheep!

Vintage Papers said...

oh your Christmas card is just precious! love how the "lambs" were included! soooo sweet!

Kerilou said...

I love your Christmas card!! Glad the new guard dog is working out, too!! Keri