Sunday, December 2, 2007

Advent - Day 2 - Stay Cozy & Warm & Sneak Peaks!

Look Who is Staying Cozy & Warm with Hot Cocoa..

A perfect Sunday... the kids and I are still in our jammies.. and it's almost 4pm!

Sneak Peak #1 - CD Calendar January & February 2008

So, this year I decided to make a different sized calendar for my Christmas gifts
for family members. I need some input - do you prefer a wall calendar or desk
top calendar? Mr. Sexton is not 'digging' this size... something about his eyes and small photos.
The stamps used on January & February are from Purple Onion Designs.. the snowflake stamp is part of a new RAK directly from Purple Onion Designs!!!!

Sneak #2: CD Calendar
Here are all the pages, but since I do have my little sister checking out my blog,
it's just a sneak! Paula, let me know what size you prefer... Desktop or Wall?

So, the idea of a CD calendar is to put all the pages, into a CD case, then you flip the case top around, so it holds a page 'up' on your desk. Great concept, but, uh, my pages are longer than the case and I can't package them in the case!!! DRAT!!! I am playing with the idea of binding them instead... decisions, decisions...


Huge storm going on outside!!!

I'm looking out the big windows and I cant see past the wheel-line - which right on the other side of the yard's south fence (good thing it is staked down)... My view white, blowing trees, blowing snow, and the making of drifts.... It's been like this all day... which means tomorrow morning's drive down the driveway will be 'interesting'.. Usually, I have to go fast through the drifts so I don't get stuck...even though I have 4 wheel-drive.. When the county plows the highway they leave a huge berm at the end of the drive, and I have to go through that, land on the road, and hope no one is coming... Oh Joy!

At 5pm we are 'scheduled' to put up the tree and decorate it! The tree is still on top of my car, but it's nice and safe in the garage.. Good thing I didn't put it outside! It would have been buried by now, or blown into the next County.

I'm going to make a crock pot full of Mexican Hot Cocoa for our decorating party, and perhaps some tasty snacks.. I've got some of that ever so tasty spinach dip and some sour dough garlic bread. Yum! Just need some celery and carrot sticks, lamb salami, a tasty big girl drink and dinner is served!

Have a great evening! If we get done, I'll take a photo of the tree...

Be sure to leave a comment and help me with my calendar dilemma! Again, do you prefer a desktop calendar or wall calendar???


Lauren said...

Howdy! I just realized that you have Sandy/Colourful on the list of blogs that you love! She is a hoot - I am a new addition to the 2peas RAK group she belongs to. Do you belong to that group too?

Hope the snow storm isn't too rough on you! :)

Dawn said...

As I told you earlier. These are soooo awesome. They look like they were done by a shop. WOw, they are just fantastic.

Sandy said...

So cool, Andi! Love how your calendar is coming out. What size are your pages that they dont fit in the case? I thought you had bought the kit...?

I would vote for the desk one, simply coz its different. Everyone has big ones, its nice to have something small! I want to make some small ones for my family with my Israel pics I think...depends on what time I have!

Lisa Renéa said...

Can't wait to see pics of your tree!
I love both these calenders-you've done a super job on them. My preference is a desk style, I've always gotta get my paws on it, kwim?

Michelle said...

Those calendar pages look great! Personally, I like desk calendars so that gets my vote.

You can send some of that snow my way! We keep getting little dustings, but nothing more :-(

Anonymous said...

Who is this perky eager ambitious lady who continually comes up with fun she creates for her family? AND, after she gets the Christmas tree, brings it in, saws off the bottom, etc., etc. She must be a direct delivery from Santa and North Pole herself! Hard to believe she and I are related. She hogged all the good stuff for her genes. I would like wall calender, please. Love you, Auntie Alice in the cold, cruel city.

tyrymom29 said...

The kids are soo cute!!! I even stay in my jammies sunday ...Unless i have to step out ......hehehe Great work these are amazing!

deb said...

Love thos calendars! Such great gifts. And p.s. I just realized you didn't enter my giveaway (ha!) However.. come visit and enter if you'd like.