Thursday, December 6, 2007

And the Blog Candy Winner is...

Calling all Blog Candy posters!!! We have picked a winner!!!

Using a highly scientific system (kids, pick a number between 1 & 15) the third person comment is our winner!!!!

Canden - come on down!!!! Woo Hoo! Please email me your address...
Here is her original post:

YEAH! You are VERY generous to give away that beautiful box!

Let's see....Christmas memory.....The ONE year in ALL my 31 years that we had snow on Christmas! It was after my parents had divorced. We were at my father's house and he borrowed my uncle's diesel duelly to take us to my mother. When we got to her house, the snow drifts were over 5.5' (YES FEET) tall! You couldn't see my mother anywhere! LOL She's about 5' and VERY petite! We spent most of the day using the duelly to pull people out of ditches!

Canden - I loved reading your post as well!! You are a girl after my own heart - tons of snow, diesel trucks, a short mom (mine if 4' 11"), and the ability to take a 'bad' situation and look at the good!!!

Thank you everyone that posted... And, I will have more blog candy soon! Looks like I am approaching my 100th post, and have passed the '3000' views threshhold!

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Diane said...

Yay Canden!!! That is such an awesome prize,lucky girl!!!