Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Sentinel - Old Man Ernest

Do You See Him?
Out in the distance.
Sitting on a snow covered hay bale.
Keeping Watch.
Our 11 year-old Man-Dog.
Friend. Pal.
Father to all the pups.
White Whiskered.
and Old.
He, who has earned the right to just sit,
and contemplate the world.
He, who works when he wants to.
And, keeps watch.
He is one of a few that has mastered the
fine art of being a livestock dog by day,
guard dog by night,
and family member, 24/7.
Our Sentinel

Yes. More Snow
This is a glimpse of 'part' of the back yard...
You can see the chicken house in the back, as well as our 'fire pit' area (just 2 chairs are visible).
It's been snowing most the day, again.
The hummocks in the backyard are not fancy snow covered hills.
Our yard is flat, slightly sloping toward the back trees...
Those hills, are the result of wind... Snow Dunes...
I slipped on these suckers when I was doing the morning chores... they are icy below the new layer of snow.. hard to navigate with a bucket of water in one hand, hammer in another (to break ice or a path or dig out doors) and critter food!
I had to dig through a nasty one in the chicken penned yard area to carve a safer walkway.
Tired of slippin', and twistin' my knees...
Tired of shoveling snow paths, too.

But heck. I'm getting a 45 minute workout each morning! It's better than nothing.
Well, except Club Med.
Club Med. A gal can only dream!
Sun, sand, ocean, heat.
Vitamin D.


Sandy said...

What a wonderful poem about Ernest!!

And if you end up hitting Club Med, call me! I want in!

*karendianne. said...

There are fairies in them drifts, I know it. They're making games with you! They think its fun. They laugh and giggle. Well they did until they saw that hammer then the whole "Horror Movie" vibe creeped in on 'em.

I think you can keep them under control with that for sure.

And as for Ernest - well I love your sentiments. Beautiful. My great respect for a Great Dog.

Once in a Lifetime Love, *karendianne.

Tami B. said...

Ernest is a great dog. Thanks for sharing his story.

Dawn said...

That poem is soooo awesome. Wow, you sure are creative in many ways. Miss our little chats. Love all the snow pics. I miss snow so much.

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL Andi - Club Med is a long ways away chica! Love your Ernest sittin' out there in the snow keeping guard, he's a trooper, those pups are inheriting some good genes!

Kerilou said...

You poor dear...just know you are not alone, honey!! I am suffering with you here in NY! keri