Tuesday, January 22, 2008

T Minus 10 - And Counting!

Actually, T minus 14.
That would be the temperature that we woke to at 5am.. MINUS 14 degrees! Oh, Nelly! Can you say cold? Brr? My fingers and toes are killing me? I did, when I went out to do chores...

So, there I was, in my
  • turquoise ski bibs (thanks Pat Mom!)
  • my Carhart coat
  • my heavy duty polar fleece jester style ski hat - it's hilarious! Always a smile maker!
  • my ski gloves (which really seem useless in the real cold - why do my fingers want to fall off when I am wearing $50 dollar ski gloves? HMMMM????)
  • my snow boots - Sorrells
  • and underlayers... (aka, sweats)
And, I still had to come into the house three times to thaw out! ACK! So much for designer label goods... but heck.. I was a fashion statement.. ok, a statement of some sort.. As in, 'that crazy lady is outside again'...

Right now it is a gorgeous sunny day - to look at.. and only MINUS 4! HA!

Today is definitely the coldest day we've had this year.. Still not as bad as three December's ago, when it was minus 20... That would be the day Dick was on the road and I was in charge of getting water to lambs and ewes.. HA.. the day the hoses froze up on me, the day I left the pump house door open and our house water froze up! OOPS! Also the day I was in tears wanting so bad to move back to my ever so warm and lovely and friendly State of California (I will always be a California Girl at heart and in my dreams.. sigh)

Ok.. Back to Oregon...
So far the only 'mishap' of the day has been Dick's truck... He left the lights on all night when he got home last night from his 5 day hiatus... aka, meeting... He hasn't left the house yet to see what is 'out there' awaiting his discovery.. and it's almost 11. Yes, that's right.. Minus 3 degrees at 11 am...

But, heck, at least the wood stove is working right (he has the touch)... the four of us were freezing last night upon his return, central heat being a very inefficient tool, so he lit a fire.. Ah... warmed our bones right up! My knight in shining armor!

I'm glad my man is home... Restores warmth and structure back to our little world... aka, I gotta get back to work from my mini vacation!


Lauren said...

BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! It was -6 here this morning, but we are at 16 now, so I guess I can't complain!!! Stay warm!!!!

reflections:0) said...

We have been cold the last two days for sure... But, not as cold as your side of the state....BBRRrrr... Crazy lady outfit...LOL


*karendianne. said...

I know you wanted my Wicca outfit, didn't you? I know it!!! Its so uncool... :P

Shades of Green with Envy and Icy Blue Bad Love, *karendianne.

Kerilou said...

I feel ya! I just emailed you..you can never have enough layers, can you?? Lisa Renea thinks we live like the Ice road truckers on that TV show! LOL Keri