Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hello From Snow Land! Weekend Recap

Accepting a Big Ol' Honkin' Check from the Bella-ettes - of Bella in Baker City
(That's me on the left wearing snowpacks.. Eastern Oregon fashion)

Hello my faithful readers, friends, family members and Ranch customers! I am still here, recovering from the Chili Feed.. and Super Duper Ever So Fabulous Super Bowl!!! Uh, can you tell MY team won? This past weekend was the Chili Bowl and Super Bowl.. BOTH events were super successful! TA DA! As a segway, my favorite commercials were (1. Pepsi with Justine T; 2. Budweiser Clydesdale w/ dog trainer; 3. Sobe Hot Chick dancing w/ lizards to Thriller! Way HOT! I know that girl is famous, but I don't know who she is!!)... And the game was HOT as well! OH.. one more segway.. what's with that dorky coach walking off the field before the game is done? Sore loser... Guess he was on his way to the serve time for STEALING info from the St. Louis Rams! Don't mess with St. Louis, my ever so favorite home of awesome sports teams...

Back to other interesting stuff:
At last count our little itty bitty school made $6,700! Ya Hoo! History in the making... We only have 80 kids... THANK YOU to everyone that helped! Only one ticket that our family sold won a raffle item.. and that was a neighbor down the road (as in 3 miles - one of our closest)! Sorry your tickets did not win, but our kids sure did... Gracias!!!!!!

Weekend Bad news: That rodent Phil did not see his shadow... which means, HELLO! More Winter! Like, we need it! If you go to the weather channel online, and key in 97833 (our zipcode) you will see snow for the next TEN days... this story is getting old... It must be Ground Hog Day! (the movie).. My back is tired from shoveling snow... my car is tired of 'waiting' to make it's grand escape - having to postpone trips because the driveway isn't plowed... and I am CRAVING Sun! I do have places I would like to go for crying out loud.. Like I said before, no Global Warming in this area of the country...

BTW (by the way), if you are one of our ranch customers, I have a 'more appropriate' blog for you at: The Sexton Ranch Round Up. That is where I post customer related info... you are more than welcome 'to hang out here, too', but just in case you are confused by my ramblings, this is the place where people hear about my crazy interpretation of our life! Ranch trials and tribulations... adventures, and my passions... mommy stuff.. critter stuff... you know.. Life!

Speaking of Life.... gotta run. Time to walk through the drifts to the bus stop. Just wanted to say 'Hi'.. I'll be back... Promise!


Sandy said...

wowowow what a successful fundraiser, that is awesome!!! congrats!!!! And sorry to hear about 10 days of snow, ugh!! I would trade you a little of our rain though, would you swap me a day of weather so I could have a snow day here?? lol, if only it were that easy...

ginny said...

How great that the kids did so well. There are so many lessons there for them.
Boy, I was complaining about -5 temps and 50MPH winds, but at least we don't have snow here in N OH.

*karendianne. said...

Killer footwear you hottie you!

Yeah, WTF on Belichick walking off the field? You know of course that Tom Coughlin was the Jax Jag's coach here for a few years so that made me extra pissed for that move. Coughlin totally deserved that win, finally. ARgh!!!

Commericals - Flame Throwing Bud Light! Light the candles, sneeze the cat, flame thrower use on the date. hee!!!

Congratulations on the fund raising. I'm totally impressed and not at all surprised.

That snow situation is over the top! I'll try to package some Florida sunshine for you.

Sending Sun and Love, *karendianne.

clhenry99 said...

You are so sweet to write that on my blog. thank you so much for checking it! I;ll get back there soon enough! Glad to hear all is well with you!

Kerilou said...

That is a huge fundraiser! Great work!! I hear you with the weather...snow, cold, snow, cold, but hey, today it was still somewhat light at quarter to 6 in the evening!! The end is in sight...only another 6 weeks or so!! OYE! keri