Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Fever and Cards for Heros

Cards for Heroes - Results:
I spent yesterday afternoon cranking out cards for the Cards For Heroes Party over at 2Peas.. I only managed to get 6 made (some girls made 30, 40 and 50!)... I worked for about 4 hours, which for me included getting a leg of lamb roast in the oven for dinner, some mommy duties, and a couple laundry trips.

Now is the time to make Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day cards, that get sent to the troops in Iraq by April 11th, so they in turn can sent them out to their family members.. I'm sharing with you my favorites from my little sweatshop. I will use some of these as my templates for my own cards, in May & June.

Weather Report:
Well today started at 17 degrees.. Yesterday never got above 20 degrees and it was a snowy, blustery stay inside day... hence, the cards!

I took a sneak peak at the 10 day forecast.... Guess What!!! Thursday and Friday are gonna hit the 50's! I am so darn excited...

I gotta plan my 'big outdoor adventures'.. Things like, oh, clean up all the doggy surprises in the yard, clean out the kitchen coup, clean out the dog kennels, and perhaps a dump run.. Yep.. That's me.. Mrs. Excitment.. And today is order chicks day.. New babies to become our next batch of egg layers.

... I'm also getting Walking Fever.. I can't wait to start my morning 'walks/trot/gasp for air' outings again! Gosh.. and to think I used to be a runner! And a biker! And a swimmer! Oh the days of my youth.. how I miss ya, how I miss ya!

Fa la la la la
The sun is on it's way ..


*karendianne. said...

Good lord, Andi's little sweatshop *only* did 6. I think these are great by the way. I am always so impressed by what you create. It's impressive!!!

30,40 and 50 card people maybe didn't have to be wife/mattress, chef, dishwaster, laundress and mother is what i'm thinking.

Brrr! But happy to hear the forecast is for sunny days to come.

I'm not going to think of what we used to do in our youth though. One thing leads to another and before you know it I'm wondering how I survived!!!

Ignorance is Bliss in Love, *karendianne.

ScrappyPam said...

Great cards! I only got 4 done for the weekend, but I have *plans* to do more. And I don't have kids!!

noble pig said...

Okay these are even cuter than the last bunch!

Sue McGettigan said...

Love these cards Andi, you're so great to make that effort and making such pretty cards to send - bravo!

Dawn said...

Your the only gal I know that gets excited over cleaning doggy poooo!! You crack me up. Hope you enjoy your walk this week, and seeing some green for a change.

Jacqueline said...

Gorgeous cards - especially the one with the cups!!

Sandy said...

Wonderful cards, Andi! Love them. Dog!

Kerilou said...

Congrats on doing such a great thing. So special, you are!! (can you tell Cody made me watch Star Wars??) Keri