Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jake's Great Day


In pure 'Mommy of the Year' fashion I neglected Jake's toothache. It's been going on for about 4 weeks now... On and seemed to rear it's ugly head in Seattle, then go away..
Cold things hurt him, so, I suggested a straw... let's see what happens... I forgot about it.

Until yesterday morning.. He had tears in his eyes when I went to wake him.. He didn't sleep well. His tooth hurt..

So, I sent him to school with the promise to call the Dentist.

Dentist's office said, 'we can see him on April 17th'. I did explain this was a boy with a bad toothache. We had to wait for a cancellation.. They happen apparently. Got a call at 12:30pm that they had an opening at 2pm... quick action time..

So off to the school to pull both kids out. Off to the Dentist. Couple of X-rays later, a big ol cavity was rearing it's nasty head... Something about the pulp cavity, too. Then it was worked on and fixed! FAST action! All under 1 hour! Amazing..

Sami & I were in the room.. witnesses.. Thank goodness I had 2 scrappy mags to keep me from tossing my cookies.... poor little guy! (I had the dentist check out Sami's hanging teeth.. She refuses to pull them.. She has about three just waiting for a big wind gust to blow them out.. But, I'm getting sidetracked here..)

Back to Jake. HE was a sport! No complaints. He took everything well. GREAT patient! And he was so darn happy afterward... numb face and all.

No more toothache.

He told me so. 'Mom! My tooth doesn't hurt!', in a happy boy voice.

He is a new man. Boy child. Boy.

My heart goes out to him..

Wish I did this sooner...

It only took 45 minutes.



*karendianne. said...

Is it wrong to crack up?

Cracked Crown Love, *karendianne.

Dawn said...

Should I give you the dental assistant lecture or no....I am glad you got him there. I have been in the dental biz for about 10 years and this is the first time I ever saw a mom take a pic of the injection...sooooo silly!!

Sandy said...

Just LOOKING at that pic makes my mouth hurt!!! Poor Jake!