Sunday, April 20, 2008

JJ Earth Day Challenges - Grand Finale!

I am calling it a night! It's way past my bedtime, and I am finding ways to cut corners, which is never a good thing!

So this last card is my Grand Finale... It encorporates several challenges:

1. A Brown Bag (Melissa's Challenge) - It's the Natural Foods bag top at the bottom of the card
2. An Egg Carton - The 'It's all about family' is cut from the inside of a Humane Harvest Egg carton
3. Green - My artichoke stamped flower heads, and the flower stems, and part of the bag
4. Something Plastic - Behind the egg carton piece is a little onion logo that I punched from the tag on our onion bag
5. Make Flowers - There's my Artichoke Flowers!

Time for bed!!!
Happy Earth Day...


Godelieve said...

Fabulous job on Earth Day celebration Andi! You did a lot of gorgeous cards!

justjohanna said...

gorgeous! love this one especially. thanks for playing along with us!

K Hutchinson said...

Great card! I love the earthy flowers! Thanks for playing along!

Dawn said...

WOW, WOW, WOW....This is great I love it. SO, many recycled objects.. "love it"

Dianne said...

What a great card! You've done a wonderful job with the challenges!

Cora said...

Perfect for the challenge. I love the bag.