Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Playing With Copics - With Bellas for CFH

See My New Pens? These are 'The Bomb' for Coloring Images
These babies arrived in yesterday's/last night's mail.. After getting 'our' homework and chores done, Sami & I played while dinner was cooking. We got in a good hour! Let me tell you, Sami was just as excited as I was. She and I both got to play with Sandy's Copic pens and WE were hooked! What you see in this photo are some sparkley Spica pens, and a custom set of various Copic Sketch markers. After our playtime Sami let me know which colors we are lacking.. I am keeping a list... She's my color consultant, and at times, image consultant!

First Sample: Bella Girls!
So, last night I colored a couple images. I'm not the world's best coloring champ, but I will share my favorite Kindergarten technique.. remember when we were little color crayon artists and we outlined our coloring book pictures with our crayons - with a heavy hand, and then filled in the colors with a lighter touch? This technique still works - just a bit tweaked.. as in outline the image with one color, fill with another.. I'm not a big blender chick yet, but will work toward that as I get more into the whole image coloring thang... (An image being the picture you get when you stamp onto paper).
I used my new Copics to color in the Bella image. This card will go with my Cards for Heros for the teenage girl's set..
Supply Credits: The patterned paper & card stock are from SU; ribbon is Maya Road; bling is Hero Arts; flower chipboard from Cherry Art; and Girlfriends stamp from Michaels.

Sample #2: PJ Bella
Another sample using my new copics!

Supply Credits: Friend stamp from Michaels; all other products mentioned above.

So, that was my big share for today! It's my lunch hour, and I better get back to 'real work', as in the following:
  1. Finish loading the recycling into the back of my car (I spent an hour in the garage breaking down boxes) - note to self: Don't work in the garage when you have on your favorite clean jeans! Dang.
  2. Drive to town to do the recycling - which includes tons of scrappy magazines! Sniff.
  3. Grocery shop - 2 stores - the 'regular' store and the food co-op
  4. Send off the cut & wrap instructions for 15 lambs
  5. Wash my filthy car (it's 31 degrees right now, car wash will be enclosed so no icicles form)
  6. Fill a meat order or 2... one for a store, the other a restaurant - which includes an order for 12 boneless leg of lamb roasts for a Titanic reenactment Dinner! Too darn cool. The dinner that is...
Have a great day! Fa la la la la


Louise (KardKrazy) said...

I think your Bella cards came out beautifully -- and I have Copic envy big time!

Lauren said...

Totally cool... I have yet to try these copic markers!

*karendianne. said...

Andi, the cards are FANTASTIC. Those pens must be "the bomb!" I fully enjoyed reading about your time with Sami, too.

Giggled about the car wash.

Sans Icicles Love, *karendianne.

Debbie Olson said...

Aren't the Copics fun? You did a great job with them! Your blog masthead is SO lovely and creative--one of the very best that I've seen. :-)

Sandy said...

Looks like you are lovin' the copics!! And you thought you could resist....:P

Cynthia said...

Um, now I want them too....

Allison said...

These are sweet...I am so not going there with the Copics though!

ginny said...

Your to-do list is much more interesting than mine.
City girls just aren't as in touch with reality as ranch girls.
I love the Copics, too. Wanted to carry them in my online shop, but there are just too many colors...I think something like 302...

Kerilou said...

The examples are wonderful! I have to stay far far away from those markers!! Kerilou